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02 October 2017 | Asia

Thanks to its diversity of waves, its tropical climate, its easy access spots and the kindness of its inhabitants... Sri Lanka has gained in popularity over the last few years and we know why. So if you're still hesitating to book your Sri Lankan surftrip tickets, we give you all the reasons to take the plunge.

Reason 1: the variety of its waves and landscapes

Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations for beginners and intermediate surfers. We recommend the beachbreaks of Weligama and Hikkaduwa if you're a beginner looking for small, long glassy waves, while more experienced surfers can try out the bigger waves at Midigama. Looking for reefbreaks and barrels? No worries Rams Right and Mirissa will be perfect for the advanced surfer.

You will not be disappointed either... You can get lost in the rice fields and tea plantations, observe the wildlife in the jungle or the savannah or climb the steps of Sigiriya.

The landscapes are simply breathtaking...

Reason 2: its hot and tropical climate

While winter is rapidly settling in France and in the whole northern hemisphere, it is high time to go to Sri Lanka and take full advantage of the dry season and its temperatures between 25 and 30 °C and its water never below 28 °C.

Reason 3: the warm welcome of the Sri Lankans

Sri Lankans are known for their kindness and their always smiling welcome. You can always find someone to talk to while sharing their daily life and culture.

Reason 4: Affordable and safe destination

Sri Lanka is a cheap destination. With plane tickets at less than 700 € from Paris with Qatar Airways, you can offer yourself a surfing trip without ruining yourself too much. On the spot, the cost of living is low enough to offer good local restaurants for 4 €, massages and good evenings with friends or family.

Reason 5: an authentic destination, 100 % nature

Apart from surfing you can enjoy the nature by visiting the numerous Buddhist temples, tea plantations, animal reserves... Well, if you absolutely want to surf and try a new destination you can always fly back to the Maldives from Sri Lanka at less than 2 hours flight.

Sri Lanka is now one of the top 5 most popular surfing destinations... Very good plan for beginners and intermediate surfers. So, are you in? Let's book a small surf camp in Sri Lanka ?



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