Sri Lanka - Feedback from Loéna

13 October 2017 | Asia

Loéna, 19 years old, student in BTS tourism and intern for 360° Surf, tells us about her surftrip in Sri Lanka. Enjoy !

360° Surf : You just came back from a surf trip in Sri Lanka, can you tell us a bit about your trip ?

Loéna : I left with a friend from Paris to Colombo. There a taxi took us to the Guest House which was located 3 hours from Colombo in Mirissa. We used to surf a lot in the morning in Mirissa because in the afternoon the wind was rising so we took the opportunity to visit the temples, the tea plantations, and go on safari. It was a lot of fun. We went out a lot too. In Mirissa, every evening of the week, a bar proposes a party, the locals are very welcoming and know how to party!

How long were you there? What spots did you wrinkle?

We stayed about 20 days. We surfed a lot in Mirissa, the spots are easy and there are not many people. Then we went to Weligama, the spots are good for beginners. They are very similar to some french spots. Madiha is good too, it's more for experienced surfers but there are still some spots to take.

How did you feel about your trip? How did you organize it?

I couldn't wait to go! We wanted to go on a surf trip and my brother and his mates had been travelling to Sri Lanka for a while so we went to join him! We took the plane tickets and he took care of finding us a guest house!

Why did you choose Sri Lanka?

I've always heard positive things about surfing in Sri Lanka. There are not too many tourists, the landscapes are beautiful, the locals are really cool and I also took the opportunity to see my brother.

Tell us about the atmosphere in the line-up?

The atmosphere is great! I really enjoyed surfing in Mirissa, the locals are very nice, they let you catch waves !

What is your best memory / scare?

My most beautiful memory remains surfing with turtles on the side of Mirissa, the beach with black sand, it is a spot full of turtles. It's quite impressive at the beginning to see turtles at less than a meter from you. They are not mean and it's funny.

I didn't have so many scares. Maybe it's the driving style which is very different from France, no signs, priority is given to the "biggest", it's scary at the beginning but they are used to it so it's easy to adapt.

What are your good plans in Sri Lanka (spots, to see, to do, where to eat)? In short, what is life like there?

It depends on the level of surfing. On the Weligama side there are many spots for beginners and Rams or Madiha will be more for advanced surfers I think. To eat, you have to find typical taverns because life is not expensive and it's rather good, otherwise "at the inhabitant" the atmosphere is nice and they are always helpful.

I visited the temples quite a bit. There are plenty of things to visit on the way back north but I didn't have much time to go there.

What will be your next surftrip ?

We would like to go on a surftrip to Portugal. We've heard great things and I have friends who go there often so why not.

In one word, how would you sum up your experience ? What advice would you give to a future globetrotter?

Perfect! It's really worth it, the people are lovely and it's a quiet country! No need for a suit, the water is warm !

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