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Kyllian Guerin talks about Hawaii

Today Kyllian Guerin, the future of French surfing, tells us about his stay in Hawaii with his family last December. @damien_poullenot Kyllian Guerin: I try to come every year to Hawaii to...

10 spots to know in Hawaii

At the moment The Place To Be is without a doubt Hawaii, well known for its huge swells, its fat waves and its wipeouts to make you swoon. But when...
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[R E N C O N T R E] The new Hippies trip-surf & culture in Hawaii

We met up with Cassandre and Nico when they returned from their 4 month surftrip in Hawaii. They took the time to explain us their way of life, their vision...

California surf trip

From the Beach Boys to Jay Moriarity to the Z-Boys, California is now considered the Eldorado of surfing. From San Francisco you can plan your surfing...

From Canada to the United States with Aurélien Bouche Pillon

Hi Aurélien, this week the 360° Surf team is touring the extreme conditions spots and as we know that icy water doesn't scare you, we would like to...

Surfing in cold water... Alaska with Damien Castera

Trade in your swimsuit for a good wetsuit and head for the cold waters of Alaska, New York State, Scotland... What an idea, you may ask? Well, it's not.
waikiki beach and diamond head

Hawai'i, that crazy dream...

Aloha everyone! Today we're doing ourselves a favor, we're doing ourselves some good, let's board immediately for a surftrip to the Hawaiian archipelago. Hawaii or Hawai'i (in Hawaiian) has everything...

California according to Paul Duvignau

You don't know where to go on a surftrip? Don't worry, today, the young surfer/shaper from Landes, Paul Duvignau tells us about his trip to the land of surf culture...
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