Moroccan Shape : a meeting with Fahd Hand Surfboard

I met Fahd several years ago, I was on a surftrip in Morocco and I broke one of my boards. When you are in the Tamraght area and...

Heading south

Logbook I've been in the south of the Sahara for 15 days now. I met few surfers. Many waves. Meetings often mark a surftrip. That's how it is...
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An Escapade in the Sahara

A big swell hit the north coast Preamble I'm starting this article with a quote that I knew thanks to another adventurer who inspires me a lot in each of my...
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Destination Morocco

Morocco is talked about a lot but not enough. My Moroccan friends have already told me that. At the same time it's not wrong. A few hours away from...
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Ersa, Destination surf trip !

On the road What are we going to talk about ? Before getting to the heart of the matter, I offer you this little post following the first article. The objective is to...

Una èrsa

Towards a return of our Ambassador Noé Una èrsa, una ondada o una onda is a deformation of the water surface often caused by the wind. In short, it is a...

Riding the right wave for your trip

Who hasn't dreamt of taking a backpack, a board under the arm and going on a solo surftrip to the other side of the world? Kuta Beach,...

Noé on the road of Indonesia... Keramas!

It's March 2014, during my trip around the world to the well known island of Bali. A dream surfing destination for many surfers, where you can...
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