Your next trip to Portugal in 2023

03 July 2023 | Good plans

The Portugal is known to all as a popular travel destinationThere are many reasons for this. It offers breathtaking scenery, a rich culture, year-round water sports... In short, let's talk about your next trip in this article!


Discovering Portugal, on a journey of a lifetime

This country is a real nugget for those who love discovery. If you decide to go there, we recommend you leave for at least 1 week to make the most of everything Portugal has to offer.

The big advantage is that you can leave all year round:

  • In summer, temperatures are hot (but pleasant) and there are more tourists.
  • In winter, there are far fewer people and the temperatures are milder. Perfect if you want to get away from the cold of your home country.

However, the 360 Surf Travel team advises you to go during the shoulder seasons. That's when we think the scenery is at its most beautiful! From the almond blossom in the northern towns to the orange cliffs of the Algarve. The temperatures are perfectly balanced and the waves are just right!
Whether you go to Porto to see the Dom-Luís Bridge or further into the centre of the country to discover this charming fishing town. EriceiraYou'll love meeting the locals and learning more about the history and culture of these regions.

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Surfing in Portugal

Like our generalist colleagues such as Leclerc Voyage and Havas Voyages, we are a tour operator specialising in surf trips and the kitesurfing trips. Find out how we see this trip through our experience and our local service providers ????


Does it mean anything to you if I tell you about the photo showing a wave passing over a red lighthouse? Wave of Nazaré over Portugal's red lighthouse
Well... it's in Portugal, in Nazaré to be precise! But I promise, it's not all big waves like this one,
there are many spots to discover along the Portuguese coast...

Here are some of our favourites:


In the PenicheThe Baleal spot offers dream waves with crystal-clear waters. It's a veritable surfing mecca. What's more, if you come at the right time, you can take advantage of the big surfing championships. This is your chance to see your idols surfing on the spot. The beach location of our surf camp in Baleal is the perfect place to enjoy the surf!


Home to the best-preserved Atlantic coastline in the country, you'll find wild beaches as far as the eye can see (with plenty of waves). In this region, the spots are accessible to everyone all year round. The conditions are at their worst in winter, and the atmosphere at the line-up remains very relaxed. In fact, if you want to take advantage of a all-inclusive travel for 2023we have a superb glamping surf holiday to offer you.


In Sagres you'll find the Algarve, Perfectly placed, the town benefits from two swell directions. Its position means that the different spots can be surfed very often, for all levels. The conditions are variable, with beaches perfect for relaxing. It really is the city at the end of Europe, and even here we suggest you discover this region on your next trip. surf trip to Sagres.


All along the coast, many waves are accessible to all. That's why we can offer you a itinerant surf trip. It's an opportunity to discover many of the country's spots and cities. To put it simply, it allows you to travelling along the portuguese coast while maintaining a certain level of comfort! Definitely worth the diversions ????


A rich country

Despite its isolated position between the Atlantic and Spain, Portugal is the result of a perfect blend of Latin and Roman culture, sprinkled with Celtic and Arab-Muslim influences. You can feel it in the arts, dance, architecture, gastronomy and so on.


Food lovers reading this will be delighted to know that your palate will be delighted here! Portugal has plenty to offer throughout your trip. Meat lovers will be able to sample the " cozido à portuguesa You'll be able to tell us all about the local cheeses and their wines, and the famous "pudding" (please read with your accent), which is a mixture of meats, vegetables and cold meats. You'll be able to tell us all about the local cheeses, accompanied by their wine and the famous " pastéis de nata "for dessert.


One of Portugal's greatest treasures is its architecture. As we all know, Europe is full of countries with numerous historic monuments and exceptional architecture. Portugal has nothing to be ashamed of, with some cities boasting buildings that will leave you breathless.

We're thinking in particular of the monasteries of La Bataille and the Hieronymites. The colours of the Pena National Palace will also surprise you... Finally, for more modern tastes, theÁlvaro Siza is sure to please!

If you don't have time to see all the monuments, simply take a trip to Lisbon during your holiday in Portugal. You'll find the " Rua da Bica" One of the most beautiful cities in the world. It's worth the trip 😉

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Portugal, a destination for 2023

Through this article, we hope to inspire you to discover Portugal. It's not a very big country, but it's incredibly diverse! It's well worth visiting some of these regions. If you want to enjoy a organised and personalised travelDon't hesitate to come and discover our surf trip offers in Portugal.



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