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Low travel - Responsible tourism

Our actions The agency's energy sobriety

Even if it is obvious, we have to be a role model before we ask our clients and providers to be involved and in tune with the issues of our time.

First of all, we need to adapt our operating methods:

We have opted for low energy lights, we use air conditioning/heating sparingly, all electronic devices are turned off during closing hours.

Our goal is to further reduce our energy consumption from 15 % to 20 %.

We have adapted our business by ensuring that we do not send unnecessary emails, no excessive newsletters or promotions, the bare minimum with maximum information and clarity!

To decarbonise the agency, we have also eliminated the use of paper at 99 %.
All contracts, vouchers (records) and travel books are dematerialised.

All these efforts have earned us the affiliation to the label Agir Pour un Tourisme Responsable since 2020: Acting for Responsible Tourism - ATR.
We are also one of 175 companies selected on the basis of a dossier for the European Sustainability Performance Improvement Programme: SUSTOUR Project

For our clients Allow you to assess your carbon footprint

You can evaluate your carbon emissions with this simulator:

We share with you some tips provided by the ATR:

You can support a climate project with Greentripper:

In order to make things easier, we have worked internally on a calculation rule that includes the different stays and the different amounts per file to help offset carbon emissions.
The funds will be taken directly from the booking of the stay and will be distributed at the end of the year to the NGOs with the best programmes.

Please note that these are averages based on data from our partners and suppliers. Also, the price per tonne of CO² is different from one association to another. We will share our research and decisions at the end of each year.

From 2023 onwards, we are committed to donating 0.25 % of our annual turnover.

Total carbon offset
Long-haul stay1 % of the total price of the stay
Medium-haul stay0.5 % of total stay price
Stay France (no transport part)2 €

Giving to associations For the preservation and restoration of coral

We put all our efforts into slow travel and choosing partners who are committed to respecting the rhythm of nature.

Matthieu Ruty - Director of 360° SURF TRAVEL

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