Where to go for a surftrip in the Canaries?

Alert to all riders ! Cold weather is coming and with it humidity, colds and depression... So at the production, it's a bit of a flight...

Surf spots to try in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is not necessarily the first destination you think of for surfing. The choices are often the Landes and the Basque Country. However, unlike the...

Surfing holidays in the Canary Islands, a winter surftrip not to be missed

It's ok, you've seen on the 1001 blogs on the net that the Canaries are the winter surfing destination for all levels... The problem is that in the Canaries, the...
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Unusual: our favorite intern Émilie shares her surfing adventures in... Normandy!

Do you surf in Normandy? Well yes! Well ok, not often, but when the swell rises, it produces small waves very pleasant to surf, especially in longboard....

Why come to surf in France in October?

Come and enjoy the back season in South Landes while coming to the Quiksilver Pro France (from October 3rd to 14th)...

Where to surf in Spain?

When you think of Spain or surfing in Spain, a lot of things come to mind. For most people, Spain is more about wild fiestas...

Surfing in Brittany is for you!

Today Romain tells us about his Brittany! When the holidays are approaching, I always feel like jumping in my car and taking the A63 to...

Where are we surfing this summer in France? 

It's a big question to know where to go this summer! Going far away and dreaming of escape? Ok if you have the budget to ensure! But to go on a surftrip...

Why should you go surfing in Ireland?

Ok in general we don't go to Ireland to surf except if we are a big fan of cold waters (even icy)! More known for its big atmospheres...

Why go surfing in Portugal?

More and more of you are coming to Portugal for a surftrip and we understand why! Whether it's for the beauty of the landscapes, for its gastronomy or...
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