What are the best vehicles to go surfing in?

Are you looking for the best car to take you to your favourite spot? Discover a selection of the most suitable vehicles to accompany you during your surfing trips. Many of them are...

A photo service for your sessions in France!

Today, we'd like to introduce you to a partner that we hope will find its place in the water! Surfshot is the first platform that allows all surfers to instantly geolocate the most popular surfing...

Beginners, why so much hate?!

This year again 80 % of "beginner" surfers say they are apprehensive about going to the peak...! So why? Is it justified? Is this phenomenon growing? And...

Go surfing with friends!

This time it's the good one! Mum has given you permission to go on a week-long surftrip with your mates! What are the good reflexes to have? How to...

New in the world of surfing!

360° Surf is pleased to announce a new partnership. After several months of work we finally see our new project come to life. We have decided to develop a...

Wave Garden vs Wild Wave

Wave garden? What is it? In the last two years everything (and anything) has been written about this subject that both fascinates and annoys the entire surfing community. Fantasy of an evolution...
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