Choosing the right gear for your surftrip... An essential question

It is often very difficult to choose the right surfing equipment when you want to go on a surftrip. We will ask ourselves a lot of questions: do the surfboards have the right...

Why are surfing and yoga complementary?

You've been surfing for a while now and you're wondering about this strange and massive craze that has arrived in France like a big barrel for yoga...

The must have list to go on a surftrip

It's always a question we ask ourselves when we go on a trip... What should I take with me? Will my suitcase be heavy? Is it...

The Match: France VS Australia

Today is THE match: France VS Australia and unfortunately even if you don't like football much (or at all) you can't escape it. Unless...

How to choose a surf camp ?

How to choose a surf camp ? This is a question we all ask ourselves when looking for a place to go surfing! Do I have the level ? Will there be surfing...

Your opinion about 360 Surf ] #rapportdestage

Since this summer, we have hosted Pauline, who has been working hard to put together the best surftrips for you. We are coming to the end of the adventure for her and this is the opportunity...

We're going surfing, you coming? Surfing and your girl

A debate has been going on in the editorial office for several weeks now, the balance of power between the surfer who wants to surf vs. the "not-really" surfer who comes to have fun... but...


This year, the 360° Surf team is happy to announce the arrival of its first 2 interns. Already composed of Ambre, Matthieu, Noé, Fanny, the team is consolidated by welcoming Clémence in...

Wholesale surfing: mental preparation

"You don't measure the size of waves by their size, but by the fear you have when they stand in front of you. But then surfing big waves...

Editorial 2015

Happy new year, happy return to school and a maximum of projects for 2015! First of all, thank you for trusting us more and more every day...
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