Canggu - Feedback from our ambassador Mathieu

13 September 2017 | Asia

Mathieu, group administrator Facebook Bordeaux Surf Connection and Shaper from TailorsurfboardsHe tells us about his surftrip in Indonesia with 360° Surf.

360° Surf : You just came back from a surf trip in Bali, Indonesia. Can you tell us a bit about your trip?

Mathieu: Departure from Bordeaux towards Amsterdam. When we arrive at the airport we realize that we have forgotten all our means of payment in the car park in Bordeaux: "La Loose". We call Matthieu, the boss of 360° Surf, who gives us the solution to go through Western Union to get money back once in Bali.

Arriving in Bali we are taken to the guest house by a taxi, the trip already puts us in the rhythm: it is hot, humid and the driver is friendly and funny.

The welcome at the guest house and the installation are done easily and in a good mood. Immediate contact with Inda Surf for the first surf lesson the next morning at 6:30 am.

How long did you stay there ? Which spots did you wrinkle?

We stayed 7 full days. I rode different spots : Old man beach, Kendugu, Batu Bolong beach and a secret spot the last day.

How did you feel about your trip? How did you organize it?

Wanting to do a surf trip three possible choices: Senegal, Morocco or Bali. The choice was Bali after a discussion with my wife who was willing to go to Bali because she is not a surfer at all.

Why did you choose Indonesia?

For the change of scenery, the assurance of finding good weather, the mentality of Indonesians and the spots!

Tell us about the atmosphere in the line-up?

"Just Relax" is Inda's (Surf Instructor) motto. It's taxing but it's cool and everyone has great waves.

What is your best memory / scare?

The scare was mainly the stress of not having a means of payment during the first day. By the way, Inda surf was very available and understanding in solving this problem, they helped us a lot! Thanks to them...

The most beautiful memory remains our escapade in scooter towards Tanah Lot and the beauty of the surfed places (black sand and visibility of the rest of the island in the morning). However, each sunset on the beach with a coconut remained an unforgettable moment!

What are your good plans in Indonesia (spots, to see, to do, where to eat)? In short, life there?

To do : the massage at Echo Beach at the Therapy massage parlour, not expensive and really good quality after a week of surfing, it's really TOP !

Sunset on the beach in Canggu, DEUS Exmachina temple, Tanah Lot temple, Uluwatu.

Three addresses to remember in Canggu : next to the guest house a fish restaurant Moana Fish Eatery, breakfast at KOI just in front of Inda surfhouse, Roti Canai for lunch make a great Nasi Campour.

What will be your next trip? Why do you want to do it?

It will be a trip in truck mode (nomadic) with friends on the Spanish coast or Morocco.

In one word, how would you sum up your experience ? What advice would you give to a future globetrotter?

Top! Leave as long as possible to discover the maximum of spots and things about Bali and the Balinese that really deserve the trip.

To book now your organized surfing trip in Indonesia, it is here.



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