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  surfer You will love:

   shaka-sign-3  The protected nature

   shaka-sign-3   The East of the island, paradise for surfers

   shaka-sign-3   Immaculated beaches

When to surf in Lombok:

Ideally during spring and summer (May to September), but there are waves all year round for your surf trip in Indonesia.


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The hotel is located in Ekas, in the south of Lombok Island, Indonesia.

It offers 12 comfortable typical bungalows surrounded by a garden, spacious family suites, a restaurant, and a swimming pool to relax after a surf session.

The rooms includes air conditioning, and private bathroom with hot water.

The accommodation is located 2km away from the beaches, the staff will take you to the surf spots by boat.


Ekas Bay is a fabulous bay far from tourist bustle.

The 2 surf spots: Ekas Inside and Ekas Outside offer a marvellous view and quality surfing with easy waves and harder for all levels.

Thanks to its location, Ekas Bay receives the swell all year round. The best waves are from April to November, between 2 and 4 meters when the swell is S-South-East and W-S-W and weakens up to 1-2 meters during wet season.

Outside Ekas is a big deep wave which breaks on the cliff. This wave is indented for experienced surfers because there is a urge amount of water and the wave is powerful. Best in rising tide with a S-E wind.

Inside Ekas is the playing little sister! This wave is for all levels, long, and rolls out inside the bay. It breaks creating a right and a left. This high quality right, especially in low tide, is intended for experienced surfers. The left, during high tide, is perfect for beginners who look for a long classic ride. You can use either a long or shortboard on this left.

During wet season, Sereweh, a reefbreak wave works well early in the morning, before the wind comes.


Bungalow EKAS 25m²
(maximum 2 adults)

7 nights stay in a private room in a bungalow - Full board included -

Private bathroom - Wifi -

Surf guiding and transfers to the best surf spots

 - Transfert from/to Lombok airport - Equipment included during lessons

From 995€*


Suite EKAS 50m²
(maximum 4 adults)

7 nights stay in a private room in a suite- Full board included -

Private bathroom - Wifi -

Surf guiding and transfers to the best surf spots

 - Transfert from/to Lombok airport - Equipment included during lessons

From 1209€*



*Price per person depending on season and availability

To help you organize your surf trip to Indonesia, we give you some useful tips to know when and where to surf in Indonesia. Our surf camps are tested, validated and certified by our ambassadors who helped building this surf trip to Indonesia. 




Indonesia has a tropical climate, just under the equator, there are 2 seasons.

Dry season from March to October with average temperature of 27°c, the wind is weak but consistente, which makes the air dryer and nice; this is the perfect season for a surf trip to Bali.

Wet season from November to April where it rains daily. It is also warmer 32°c but more wet as well. The majority of the rains is between December and February.




You must have a passport valid 6 months after your trip return, since 2015 you don't need visas (French citizens).



Bahasa is the Federal language, English is widely used, Indonesians will make efforts to understand you.





There is a 6 hours time difference between Indonesia and France. When it is 5:00am in France during winter or 6:00am during summer,  it is 12:00pm in Bali. GTM +8h.





All the country is supplied in 220V, no adaptor needed.

Do not drink tap water or boil it for 1 minute. Be careful with ice cubes.




Indonesian Rupiah, be careful ATM do not all deliver the same maximum amount, 50 000, 100 000 or 150 000 Rps, it is indicated on the screen of the ATM.





No compulsory vaccine. Nevertheless an antimalarial treatment is a good choice if you go outside the cities or on Lombok. Hepatitis A vaccine and Typhoid fever are available and advised (ask you doctor).

Surf camp Indonesia : to live the surftrip experience, improve your style and discover Indonesia.

Indonesia is cheap and the welcome is amazing.



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