Why go surfing in Australia?

23 February 2016 | Oceania

Australia is THE surfing destination par excellence! This magnificent country has some of the most beautiful waves on the planet. It is not for nothing that 3 stages of the world tour take place in Australia! This week the 360° Surf team takes you to Australia to discover the best surf spots and breathtaking landscapes.

Australia is the 18th most urbanised country on the planet and has no shortage of entertainment. Sydney, a sunny harbour city offering a mix of beaches, shops and trendy bars. Melbourne and its many lanes between art and Australian football. Or Brisbane with its urban villages. During your trip you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your activity.

1 - For its beautiful natural landscapes

Australia has no less than 16 natural sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, Kakadu National Park and the jungles of Queensland. From dreamy beaches and tropical forests to desert plains and snow-capped mountains, there's something for everyone!

2 - For its unique and abundant wildlife

Kangaroos are not the only animals in Australia, although there are millions of them spread across the country. You can find koalas, opposums, wombats, dolphins, whales and multicoloured fish.

3 - For its year-round sunshine

It is difficult to speak of a single Australian climate because each city has its own climate. While the southern half is temperate, the northern half quickly becomes tropical. With a little planning, you can plan an itinerary to enjoy sun and warmth all year round.

4 - For its open spaces

Australia is a country that is 14 times the size of France with 3 times less inhabitants. In Australia, the temptation is great to carve out the road in the immensity of the outback, these vast timeless expanses where you can savour the silence, the taste of solitude in front of the vastness of the starry skies.

5 - For his neighbours

If you have to fly 20 hours and travel 20,000 km to come to Australia, you might as well take the opportunity to visit the neighbouring countries: New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia...

6 - For its ever increasing number of spots

It is difficult to talk about Australia without talking about surfing. In this country where the vast majority of the population is concentrated on the coasts, water sports are part of the culture and can even be considered a lifestyle.

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