Why is Costa Rica one of the best surf destinations in the world?

13 October 2015 | Central America

More and more surfers want to explain to you with an acid tone that Costa Rica is over, that it's Bali only worse and that it's full of gringos ready to throw themselves on overcrowded waves...

For the soul surfer who comes by pony, eats organic roots and who has been to Costa Rica in the 60's I can understand the shock... But for all the others, a surf trip to Costa Rica is the assurance of a successful surf trip !

The peaks of Dominical or Santa Teresa are no longer virgin, but a community of surfers has settled there to share their experiences with you... The atmosphere in the water is one of the best in the world, the only thing you will hear is "yes! good! pura vida!" the ticos like to share their waves and to make people discover surfing. There are now surf teachers and good equipment.

The increase in tourism has also resulted in better maintained surf camps, hotels and an offer that wants to improve (back pain sufferers will appreciate a good mattress for their surfing holidays...)

Finally, with the primary jungle as a playground, you can go quad biking, hiking, zip lining... Costa Rica offers a multitude of activities.

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