The Dream spot : Malpaís - Costa Rica

13 October 2015 | Central America

Malpaís - primary jungle and Pacific coast in Costa Rica, Central America...

I'm here to tell you about my favourite surf spot, my paradise, the place that speaks to my soul... so open your heart wide and let the magic happen.

Crossing rivers populated by crocodiles, rough roads no wider than a small herd of rickety goats, tides to be taken into account so as not to be trapped when crossing the beach to reach this little paradise... But at the end of the day, we discover much more than a chest full of gold: a small fishing village still preserved from mass tourism where we feel like a lucky castaway.

There is something for everyone, the experienced surfer will have a blast on the reef spots in the area with great waves, the beginner will discover surfing in a philosophy in harmony with his or her practice but above all on safe sandy waves in warm water and a breathtaking setting.

I placed my first take-offs there and I have never found anything comparable elsewhere. The waves are "big and soft", they are not scary, you can stay all day in the water without spending your life rowing because there is no current, the water at 30°C is pure happiness and seeing a sunset on the Pacific with the jungle at your back and the pelicans coming to fish in front of you... Yeah it's definitely a taste of paradise!

Finally, finishing your day in a hammock with an Imperial (local beer) surrounded by friends with the hypnotic sounds of the surrounding jungle, that's a real Dream...

Malpaís guys... You're leaving a piece of your soul behind.



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