5 surfing destinations around the world for a drink

25 September 2015 | Where and when to go

Forget the beginning of autumn, the cold and your daily routine! It's Friday and on Fridays everything is allowed, even an unusual dream! Today we share with you a little piece of holiday and paradise with these 5 surf destinations where you can have a drink in the world! Tested and approved by the 360° Surf team... (Reminder: alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health)


Mal Pais - Costa Rica: the boss's HQ

This small authentic village, close to the famous spots of Santa Teresa, is a surfing destination where PURA VIDA reigns. A fishing village, the bay of Mal Pais is simply splendid. Having a drink there means: a breathtaking view of a bay and magnificent beaches far from the overcrowded spots! In the area you can go to Vista de Olas for example.


Uluwatu - Indonesia : the spot of the editor

If you're travelling through Indonesia, Uluwatu on the island of Bali is a must-see. Before enjoying a drink in one of the many bars on the coast, you should stop at the temple to watch the show given by the monks every evening in an amphitheatre on the edge of the cliff. Then you can go down to the spot to climb all the steps, settle down in a bar on the cliffside and admire the view. If possible, don't get too high or too low to be in the front line and enjoy the local surfers' show.


Pichilemu - Chile: Thieu's spot

Pichilemu is an emblematic surfing village in Chile, attracting more and more surfers, especially for its famous wave at Punta Do Lobos, a few kilometres from the village. Despite the high number of surfers, this surfing destination remains unspoilt and beautiful. A kind of Wild West for surfers, with landscapes of science fiction, especially when the sunset is accompanied by a particular mist. The luminosity is grandiose. Our advice is to land on top of the rocks overlooking the wave at Punta Do Lobos. A moment you will not forget in a hurry.


Pipa - Brazil: Noé's favourite

Of course there are beautiful beaches in Brazil but none like Praia Da Pipa! A village in the north-east, part of Tibau Do Sul, which means "between two waters" surrounded by the Lagoa de Guarairas and the ocean. Pipa is a small corner of paradise in the north-east of Brazil. Whether you are a nature lover or a landscape paradise, or whether you are looking for a Brazilian night out, Pipa is the place for you. It's a dream surfing destination! The landscapes are crazy and the beaches incredibly beautiful bordered by a small village. In short, having a drink at sunset in Pipa is surely THE thing you should do at least once in your life. You can go to the U-BISTRO even if each bar deserves to be tested.

If you're not a bar person, you can take something to drink and sit on top of the cliffs of PRAIA DO AMOR with its slightly red rocks and a view of one of the best surf spots in the region! UNIQUE, we guarantee it!

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During a Boat Trip to the Maldives: the editor's option

What could be better than enjoying a sunset lost in the warm waters of the Maldives and the Indian Ocean on one of the best boat trips in the region? We vote for a palm tree in the glasses and a sunset, all alone in the world. Are you in?


Bonus: a mint tea in Taghazout - Morocco: the 360° Surf vote

We couldn't end this article without stopping for a mint tea in Taghazout, Morocco. Just like the 360° Surf team, go and have a mint tea in Morocco! The region of Agadir has not much to envy to other surf destinations for its hospitality. If mint tea is quickly offered here, drinking it on one of the terraces in Taghazout is unique. At the surf camp in Taghazout, climb to the top of the terrace and enjoy the view at sunset while sipping the famous and perfect mint tea !!!!


So, have you chosen your next destination? For all your all-inclusive surfing holidays it's 360° Surf.



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