Where to go surfing in Costa Rica

19 January 2023 | Central America

Discovered in the 1960s through the mythical film The Endless summerThe spots on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica have fascinated generations of surfers.

But since the golden age of surf-trips, the Costa Rican landscape has changed. Are the surf spots of yesterday still good?

Where to plan your surfing holiday in Costa Rica ? How to plan your surfing holidays in Latin America ? Elements of answer in this article :

The very first surfers in Costa Rica went to the Pacific coast, in the Guanacaste region, near the villa of Tamarindo, between playa Negra and playa Grande. At that time, the panam (highway that connects all of America) did not yet pass through Costa Rica, and Tamarindo was one of the only places easily accessible.

Today the small village has become the big Tamarindo, with a lot of surf schools, a multitude of hotels and surf accommodations. For those who want to go with you, there is a wide range of activities, from hiking, horse riding, quad biking, boat trips, fishing... But also diving, kayaking, wellness activities.

The supporters of the "c'était mieux avant" (it was better before) will tell you not to go there... I would make a nuance:

While it is true that the number of visitors has increased, the beach is huge. It remains the ideal place to take surfing lessons, especially when you are planning a family surfing holiday. The surf schools are very good, there is equipment for all levels and the waves are suitable even for the youngest. With a rental car, you can easily find places with more fishing for perfect surf sessions!

In addition, you will find surf shops, restaurants, second hand boards and also shapers for last minute repairs.

All our surfing holidays in Tamarindo

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Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, a true surfing paradise in Central America!

We go down a bit to arrive at the new surfing capital of Latin America, I named Santa Teresa!

Santa Teresa has kept its authentic character and surfing spirit, which is certainly why it has become more and more popular over the years.

You can find surfcamp, but also hotels and boutique hotels around the surf theme and surf life style.

For some time now, we have been seeing the emergence of private villas and high standard accommodation for surfers or families, groups who come to Santa Teresa for a surfing holiday and who are looking for packages with surfing lessons, private accommodation with swimming pool, concierge service and even a chef to prepare meals 100% à la carte.


All our surfing holidays in Santa Teresa can be found here.


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Are you planning to go surfing in Costa Rica?

Contact our teams, we will offer you our best surfing holidays in Costa Rica.



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