The place of women in surfing in 2023

03 February 2023 | surf girls

Women in the surfing world


She has had challenges and obstacles to overcome over the years, but today she is increasingly present and respected in the sport.

In the early history of surfing, women were largely ignored and regarded as "companions" rather than surfers in their own right. Competitions were restricted to men and there were no women's categories. However, in recent decades, women like Layne Beachley, Carissa Moore or our Frenchman Justine Dupont breaking barriers by winning world titles and inspiring a new generation of new generation of surfers.

Today, women are increasingly present in the surfing worldwhether as a professional surfers, instructors, photographers or surf brand owners. The competitions are also more inclusive, with women's categories in major events such as the World Surfing Games.

However, there are still challenges to overcome. Women are still underrepresented In addition, women's participation in leadership positions and sponsorship opportunities are often limited compared to those of men. It is important to continue to raising awareness of gender equality in surfing and supporting women who are looking for a career in the sport.

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Moreover Billabong does not hesitate to highlight women with their brand Billabong Women's which allows some surfers d'be sponsored or even Surfer Magazine which highlights the women's surfing from A to Z. In addition, women's surfing events are being held today, such as the Carraibeens Surf Girls.

The CSG is a 100% girls' surf event in Guadeloupe. I was able to interview Bahia Fredianifounder of the CSG.

  • Bahia, why did you create this event? 

I've had the idea for a while to do a 100% girls surfing event in Guadeloupe. There are more and more of us on the spots.
So I thought, why rally girls of all ages in a friendly competition.
I want to make women's surfing visible and also show some solidarity between us.

  • What were the results

So, in the -16 age group:

Best heat wave: Lily Calvez (13 years old)
Best entry: Emy Beltan (15)
Best manoeuvre: Rose Calvez (11 years old)

In the 16+ age group:
Best manoeuvre: Bahia Frediani
Best combination Nahia Milhau
Best Engagement: Flore Baracchini

We can also congratulate Eline Beltan, Nell Auptel, Julia Dufrechou and Pascale for giving us a beautiful spectacle in the sound conditions.

  • A word about this event?

Women's surfing event in Guadeloupe with Bahia FredianiEach of them has shown its commitment and determination in series between 1m50 and 2m on the spot of Anse Salabouelle, with much current. 

For this first editionThere were only Guadeloupean surfers. I hope, in the near future, that surfers from Martinique and other Caribbean islands will join us. In any case, some of them seem to be motivated.

I would like to thank my official sponsor: Spy Optic who supported me for this event and the Pirates Surf Club for the logistics. Without them, I couldn't have done anything!
I also thank everyone (participants, public, staff...), it is a way to prove that the future generation arrives in force

As you can see, despite these obstacles, the woman in the surfing world continues to breaking down barriers and to show that their passion and talent are as good as the men. Future generations of women surfers will have inspiring role models to guide them and show them what is possible.

Has this given you any ideas about going surfing with your girlfriends? Find out about our surfing destinations just for you !



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