Is the surfing world eco-friendly?

15 January 2023 | ecology - slow travel

L'ocean offers us some of the most powerful and beautiful phenomena on the planet. It provides us with food, oxygen and recreation like surfing. But it is important to remember that the ocean also needs our help, which is why the surfing and ecology are compatiblebut it depends on the surfer!

The ecological benefits of surfing
Surfers tend to care deeply about theenvironment in which they surf. Because yes, without waves and clean water, there would be no surfing. So as surfers, we take steps to protect our local ecosystems by participating in beach clean-ups and advocating for conservation measures such as marine protected areas. These efforts also benefit other ocean users, such as swimmers, fishermen and the people who live in the depths!

We can also use our experience to contribute to the awareness of environmental issues such as the plastic pollution or the climate changeThis is because surfers see the damage directly in the water that it all produces. For example, some surfers have launched their own campaigns to reduce single-use plastics or to promote initiatives of sustainable travel like 360 Surf Travel. By showing others how easy it is to be environmentally friendlyBy doing something that makes us feel good, we can inspire them to act too!

Reducing our carbon footprint
Surfers are also responsible for reduce their carbon footprint as far as possible. We can do this by driving less often or by choosing more environmentally friendly means of transportlike the velectric cars, the bicycles or even to foot.
For the record, in Marseille, my friends and I used to take the train to go to the spots, the journey was longer, but it was better for our planet Earth. We can also make sure we use biodegradable sunscreen without harmful chemicals (like oxybenzone), wear boardshorts made from recycled materials instead of conventional fabrics, and use wax made from plant-based ingredients instead of petroleum products. All of these little things add up over time!


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In the end, the surfing and ecology go hand in hand; both need a healthy ecosystem to develop. As surfers, we must take responsibility for our actions and do everything in our power to protect the environment so that it continues to offer us beautiful waves for the years to come!

However, it must be acknowledged that thesurf industry The production of surfboards, wetsuits and dinghies is a major source of pollution. At the moment, the world market is changing. We see many companies They want to make a difference and they try to be as eco-friendly as possible. I am thinking in particular of Pololya offering recycled foam blocks, Patagonia, which offers eco-responsible suits. It's a long way to go, but we have to stay positive and hope that our actions can make things change.
By the way, the 360 Surf Travel team is also committed and does everything to reduce its impact. We invite you to take a look at our page on responsible tourism.

By making simple changes to our lifestyle, such as reducing our carbon footprint or the promotion of conservation initiativeswe can help to ensure that the future generations can have the same amazing surfing experiences that we enjoy today!



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