But where to surf in Central America?

13 March 2015 | Central America

Latin atmosphere, human warmth and exceptional nature! Central America is one of those places in the world where you can quickly feel good... Too good, some might say!

This part of the world offers a regularity of waves that break on the shores of the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea... A playground big enough to satisfy all types of surfers.

In most of the countries in this region it is warm... You can surf in a swimming costume and we like that!

Of course some spots have become famous like Mexico in Baja California for the consistency of its waves and its big tubes.


Witches Rock - Costa Rica

Costa Rica with its exceptional nature and its many regular waves.


Playa Venao - Panama


Puerto Escondido - Mexico

Or Panama, which has become a surfing destination with a potential that is no match for its neighbour Pura Vida.

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These countries are full of waves that meet the expectations of surfers of all levels.

We could mention mythical waves like those of Puerto Escondido in Mexico or Pavones, one of the longest lefts in the northern hemisphere in Costa Rica.

But Central America does not stop there! There are surf destinations not to be overlooked where there are many reefbreaks, beachbreaks and the advantage of these spots is of course the small population at the peak and water at an average of 27°C under a blazing sun.

The rising surf destinations are Nicaragua which offers more and more valid structures or El Salvador which is stabilizing and starting to open guest houses for surfers looking for authenticity.

In the end, whether your goal is to follow in the footsteps of those famous dream waves or to go on an adventure on calmer spots... Central America will meet all your expectations!

Between beach parties, cocktails in the sun, lush nature and an almost guaranteed surftrip thanks to the regularity of the waves, this part of the world is well worth putting down your board for a few moments...

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