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23 March 2015 | Where and when to go

How do you prepare your surf trip? A huge question that comes up as the sun starts to show its face! Today, we take a look at everything you need to know to have a successful summer!

You're pale, stressed and in need of some serious surfing... It's clear: you need a surftrip to the sun!

Yes, but where? That depends on your wallet... Noé, 360° Surf Travel ambassador, advises you his favourite place for less than 500 € all included.

"The surf camp in Morocco, only 2 hours from Paris, offers you a multitude of spots with a coastline configuration that allows you to check out 5 spots in less than an hour. Forget the problem of localism and expect to laugh at the peak. The locals are keen to see you progress and have fun... There are waves for everyone! This is a real cheap surfing destination! The atmosphere in the small fishing villages around Agadir is just huge! Campfire on the beach mixing teachers and students, music and meeting around a tagine... The top of the surf trip! Specially adapted for the buddy trip, it is also suitable for families (the experienced surfer will prefer to come in winter when the swell swells and gives huge conditions)."


Surftrip Morocco by the 360° Surf team

For Ambre, head of the 360° Surf agency, why go far away when you have everything you want just a few kilometres away?

"The whole French coast has some amazing spots, from Bud Bud in the Vendée, to Culs Nus in Hossegor (yes, the beach is called Culs Nus) you will find what you are looking for to surf and party!

There are many good surf schools with good equipment and teachers who listen! "


For a first road trip you can go down to Spain, the conditions are more or less the same as in France but life is a bit cheaper and the Spaniards are crazy... about fiesta! Good souvenir guaranteed, to do with friends or in a group of friends.

surfing spain

For couples, or for those lucky enough to have a slightly larger budget, we asked our providers to tell us about the merits of their offer. Here is the trifecta in order:

1) The Canary Islands, very cheap with low cost airfare (you have to be quick though as the cost of tickets increases as the holidays approach).

These islands have great surfing potential, amazing, sometimes lunar landscapes, and very friendly locals.

It's THE original surfing destination, far away but not at the end of the world, not too expensive and festive, completely different... All this without having 8 hours of jet lag in your legs!


2) Brazil! Timeless setting, sandy path, turquoise waves... indelible memories!

You can go there as a couple or solo, the weather is nice, it's warm and there is something for everyone!

A real surfing break in this little corner of paradise. There are so many things to do here, that 15 days will not be too much!


3) Bali: Here, you discover Indonesia through the front door! The return is often very hard! 100 % of the people questioned want to go back! Beautiful waves, 28°C in the water, scooter rides with windy hair...

Don't think that this destination is only for experts, there are plenty of places to learn and the surf schools are good!

Selamat Datang Bali!



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