5 'old school' spots not to be missed

27 February 2015 | Where and when to go

Come on, it's Friday and Friday is free!

So today, 360° Surf gives you the top 5 "old school" surfing destinations to do before you die. Ready... Go ?

1) It's with a board under your arm and a longboard on your feet that you absolutely must go to California. With a scarlet sunset, a song from the "sublime" band "Love is what I got" in the car (preferably a Mustang convertible), you'll be following in the footsteps of surf culture, from San Diego Ocean Beach to Manhattan Beach and Surfrider Beach to Malibu.

You will finish your surftrip in Santa Cruz. An emblematic place where Jay Moriarty did his first take off. This state is a cliché in itself but clichés are born from real passion. Everything happens in California and your longboard skate rides on the Venice boardwalk will never leave your thoughts...


Ocean Beach Pier CA


San Clemente


Santa Monica L.A

2) We stay in American mode with the Holy Grail: Hawaii, the North Shore of Oahu remains one of the most beautiful stages to do and to do again... Agoraphobic and introverted, it's better to avoid the big spots... It's a bit crowded.




North Shore Hawaii Oahu

3) Mexico : here again it is a mythical spot... but not without risk ! The number of stories heard where the surfers arrived in the big pickup and came back in their underwear can't be counted anymore... So we stay humble, we put on the moustache, "y bienvenido en Baja California".

4) Indonesia: you can't miss Kuta Beach in Bali...

For those who know, Kuta was less than 30 years ago a wild spot and it was difficult to find a place to wax your boards... Today the bay that stretches from Kuta to Lebangan has changed : a board rental every 20 meters, massage stands and bitang trees... much more fashionable... it's a good old school spot as we like it (single fin purist please)

5) Last but not least France! Yes, our hexagon has one of the most prominent swells in the world. Try to put a toe on the Grande Plage of Biarritz in summer... or even better, try to catch a wave on the Côte des Basques on August 15th... (you can complicate the exercise by shouting loudly when you arrive at the peak "bonjour, je viens de Paris j'adore les Landes c'est magnifique").


Joël de Rosnay (uncle surfer) with Catherine Deneuve - Biarritz


Basque Coast

All that's left is to wish you good luck in your search for a spot and don't forget, if it's crowded on a spot it's for a good reason... chances are you're in the right place!



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