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09 January 2023 | Inside

It's no secret that 360 Surf Travel is since its creation in 2013 very involved in the preservation of natural places and tends to minimize its impact on its environment.

It is a difficult exercise to propose low travel holidays where the plane journey represents a huge part of the carbon used. We try to optimise our actions on the spot, we set up intelligent circuits to avoid over-consumption... but we remain lucid, travelling to the other side of the world, even with the best will in the world, pollutes.

We have been working for several years to develop tools that allow us to offer stays with a human dimension, involving local actors, minimising means of transport and favouring responsible actions by the providers on site.

However, we were unable to measure our impact accurately.

Spoiler alert: it is very complicated to find a formula that works globally, the case by case remains the safest way to avoid green washing

What is sustainable tourism? Here is an answer in video:

YouTube video

At 360 Surf Travel, we try to contribute in our own way, as best we can, to reducing or even neutralising the agency's impact on its environment.

Our internal actions :

  • The sobriety of the agency.

It's the basis, it's simple to set up, and it makes us legitimate in our eco-citizen approach, wanted and claimed by 360 Surf Travel.

We have also created a page entirely dedicated to the actions carried out by the agency and the proposals made to our travellers to help in turn to make their stays more virtuous: Is 360 Surf Travel an eco-responsible travel agency?

  • The provision of measurement tools for our travellers

The Foundation's simulator Good Planetwhich proposes a carbon calculator It is very well done. It is quite precise on the carbon footprint with the possibility for you to neutralize your CO2 emissions through donations to associations on the ground (association that you have chosen).

The site GreenTripperIt also offers travellers the opportunity to calculate their CO2 footprint.


  • Together we go further!

This is why we have chosen to apply for membership of ATRwhich, after verification, has placed its trust in us since 2021.

Agir pour un tourisme responsable is, in our opinion, the most invested and most capable platform to make things happen in our profession.


  • Finally, the setting up of a partner watch

We are constantly looking for the best players in the field and review our entire offer catalogue every year.


We are at a turning point and our decisions will cause the good or bad reactions of tomorrow. More than ever, the 360 Surf Travel team is training and doing everything to be as efficient as possible on ecological issues, low travel, respect for the environment and optimisation of resources.



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