Endless Summer

28 January 2015 | Where and when to go

It's always a headache to prepare your surftrip in this transitional period between winter and summer (also called "spring" in meteorological jargon). The end of the big swells in Europe, the desire for warmth, the need for sunshine which is sometimes slow to arrive...

Today we're going to let loose and go to the Canaries!

There is no problem of season... it's spring all the time ! Constant swell, temperate water, forget the down jacket, gloves and heaters in the shoes for the sun cream, the towel... and good surf sessions !

As if that wasn't enough, the Canary Islands are Spanish, so you'll need a simple, up-to-date ID card to get there!

Many low-cost airlines operate the route from several cities in France and Europe.

If you add up good weather, constant swell and cheap flights, you get a great spring surfing destination!

Another advantage is that the islands have several types of spots, from beginner to advanced, and they are also lively enough to have a good time after your surf sessions.

We can however add a small downside (yes, it's not the world of Care Bears either), the local imprint is very present on some spots, we strongly advise you not to go alone in the water on a local spot without having been invited beforehand.

For the best surfing trip we advise you to go with local surf guides, who will take you safely to the best places.

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