12 February 2015 | Where and when to go

For those of you waking up from a 200 year coma, tomorrow is Valentine's Day! So today we're not speaking for the couples who have a great night planned! No, no, today we're speaking for all those single people who are wondering if they're going to watch Valentine's Day for the hundredth time, cursing those couples or those who are going to queue up to see 50 Shades of Grey. For you, the single guy who's questioning himself or for you who's fully embracing being single, 360° Surf has put together a special surftrip.

Being single is not a bad thing! Just because you're single doesn't mean you shouldn't go on holiday! So why not take advantage of this difficult period to meet new people?

This idea has been coming back to 360° Surf for a few years now... There is always someone who says "I'd rather spend a week surfing in Costa Rica than be forced to watch another heart-shaped chocolate ad!


So here it is! From the idea was born a special surftrip to three surf destinations:

A surfschool in Brazil, fiesta, caipirinha, meetings and a bit of surfing on the program (even a lot, turquoise water, beautiful waves...). Perfect for tanning and surfing sensations)

A surftrip to Tenerife, here again we find ourselves in a guest house with swimming pool, hammock, volleyball court... everything to spend a pleasant moment punctuated by surfing on one of the most beautiful European spot.

And finally a surftrip in Morocco, the surftrip that costs you less than the restaurant, gift, movie and hotel room combined. The only thing is that you come back with a tan, that you had a lot of surfing and that you met some nice people !!!

If you are in a relationship, too bad for you!

These three surftrips are exclusively for singles!!!

So who says caliente? For more information, contact us.

And happy Valentine's Day to all ;)



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