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02 April 2022 | Europe

Twenty-five years ago I took my first foils. Between breaks, I have been sailing with the ocean for years. Inspired by guys like Lost in the Swell or Damien Castera I have always taken a more solitary path. More silent. I'm an unconditional fan of Hugo Verlomme; I have a soft spot for Corentin de Chatelperron and what he does with the sea nomad. Or rather what they do because he is not alone.

It's five in the morning. I open my mailbox to discover a message from Rémi, the owner of Sossego surfcamp. I'm twenty years old and I'm off to Brazil to become a surf instructor. After that, it's been years of trips around the world. It was through friendship that I met Matthieu, now CEO of 360°surf. I am then in Indonesia. A beautiful adventure begins with this young agency. Little by little I became a photographer, a reporter and an article writer, then an ambassador for the brand. I continued to travel the world in search of the perfect wave. If surfing guides my travels, it is adventure that marks my personality. It was not unusual for me to leave the coast for the mountains. It was not uncommon for me to find no waves. One does not know where to go and the adventure starts. Year after year I feel best in an adventurer's soul. Becoming an instructor and mental trainer in surfing is only a small part of my life. I don't devote all my time to it. It has allowed me to discover spots in more than 40 destinations. It has allowed me to live other experiences.

The real journey is to get there. Once you arrive, the journey is over. Nowadays people start at the end.
Hugo Verlomme

Today, the context has allowed me to stop imagining a long trip to the other side of the world. Firstly because I try to associate the notion of sustainability with surfing. If I don't refuse to fly, I think it was time for me to reduce my flying hours. Sustainability is the configuration of society that allows it to continue, that is important to me. That's how I ended up in Galicia. I had made several trips there many years ago. I came back with a special taste of an unforgettable memory. Indeed, Galicia has countless wild beaches, nature reserves and natural parks, not to mention the coast and its waves, which are a heritage and serve as a resource for sporting, socio-economic and cultural activities. These resources must be preserved at all costs through sustainable tourism.

So I decided to settle there a few months a year to lead a team of adventurers within the brand new Surf-House in Villarube. 

What is surfing in Galicia all about? 

Do you want wild, fast waves that break on both sides? Or would you rather have smaller, gentler waves that break on one side? Thanks to its unique geographical location, Galicia offers 1300 km of coastline and a strong exposure to the swell. This exposure gives you multiple options to adapt to the different swell directions and winds that hit the Galician coast. The variety of waves in Galicia is simply exceptional and it is one of the most constant regions in terms of swells and winds, allowing you to surf every day of the year.

Surfing in Galicia is unlike any other surftrip and has nothing to envy. Galicia is a wild and deserted region. Between the beach and the mountains, you will find what you need. You can relax without too many people around you. This means that you can also surf with very few people or even alone at the line-up! Coming here means enjoying the beautiful beaches of paradise. Some days you will feel like you are in Corsica, others in Indonesia or in Brittany. The forests are dense and splendid, and the cliffs are breathtaking. The Acantilados de Vixía Herbeira", the highest cliffs in Europe, can be found here. So here we don't have a tailor-made programme, because our aim is to adapt to this area to get the best waves and share our experiences with you throughout the day. We prepare the meals and we accompany you to make you live a unique experience and allow you to progress technically, physically and mentally. The variety of waves in Galicia allows us to tailor a surftrip for all types of riders, from beginner to advanced or expert (surf, longboard, bodyboard, big wave riders, waterman!). Galicia is one of the most constant regions in terms of swells and winds, which allows you to surf in all directions every day of the year. In the area of the surf house alone, there are about ten spots. A little further south, between 30 minutes and a little over an hour, there are also several beach, reef and slab spots. In winter and spring, with strong swells, Galicia offers a large choice of retreat spots and many reef and slab spots. The most incredible for us is the one located at 10min walk from the surf house! 

A new offer in the surfing landscape

The offer of the surf house is a bit special. We do not work with large groups or limited surfing hours. We adapt to your wishes. If you want to surf once a day, there is no problem. But if you want to surf 6 hours a day with us, that's possible! Our staff is available all day long and we also organise some evening sessions.
A stay for adults where two aspects prevail: Sports and fun!
If you don't want to bother with your wetsuit, we have what you need! We work with the brand Sooruz, known for their quality but also for their ecological commitments. 

We welcome surfers for aweek at the rhythm of the waves. You have already caught waves, you are autonomous in the water, you wish to progress and you want to share an unforgettable experience? This trip is made for you. Every day we go to the best spots and we share our days with you. ObjectiveTo have the best waves at the right time. In full board mode, we prepare healthy breakfasts and meals. You will share our daily life where living together is the main point. Here there is no big group and no difference between the staff and the rest of the group. We want to share our experiences and adventures with you. A more responsible way of travelling where we will be sensitive to the environment in every choice we make. We want to put surfing back in the heart of its original values. That's why we the surftrip is organised in a traditional Galician house. We work with the local population, we heat the house with a wood fire and we adapt to local customs. We harvest fruit from the garden and cook with local products.
Being in a small group makes it more adventurous than in a regular surfcamp. We try to put the surfing first. If the conditions allow it, we organize ourselves to bivouac on other more remote spots and live surfing as we like to live it: an adventure!

Going to the other side of the world is no longer an adventure. The surfer 2.0 is more inclined towards the hotel/Wifi combination than the bivouac/wood fire
Damien Castera

We also organise programmes for groups, clubs and pro teams. Would you like to organise courses with us? Book the surf house just for you? It's possible!
We want to give you the maximum freedom in the way you want to organise your stay. That's why we suggest you contact us to make your surftrip look like what you are looking for in Galicia. Our local team will be able to advise you and accompany you on the ground. You will benefit from our knowledge of the region, the spots, our physical and technical preparation (Carver session, bouldering session), mental preparation training (adapted breathing technique, somatic education, relaxation, apnea technique), extra activities and full board. 

Looking forward to sharing some waves on your next surf trip to Galicia!

Happy surfing to all! 



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