Costa Rica, still a paradise on earth...

24 February 2022 | Central America

By our globe trotter Juliane

Costa Rica, still a paradise on earth...

Costa Rica is a total immersion in a diverse nature protected by the Ticos (inhabitants of Costa Rica) who consider it their queen. Indeed, more than 33% of the country is protected with 28 National Parks to preserve the 12,000 species of plants, and 615 species of animals found there. To avoid new constructions the roads are not really developed, they are mainly dirt roads and so you have to rent quads or dirt bikes to get around (which is really original and nice). Don't worry, they teach you how to drive a quad bike in 15 minutes!

My parents are always worried when I go on a trip. So when I told them I was going to travelling to Central America on your own I thought they would faint. Until I explained to them that this is in fact the safest country in Latin America. They call it the "Switzerland of Central America". The country has abandoned its army, which shows its peaceful spirit. 

On the surfing side, Costa Rica deserves its reputation for its beautiful wild beaches and surf spots straight out of the movie endless summer,

Costa Rica is a dream destination for surfers of all levels, and in swimming costumes please!

It's that kind of place where you can see little monkeys following you from branch to branch to the spot, where during your session pelicans play with the waves and take more barrels than you. And on my trip I was even lucky enough to see whales jumping off the shore while I was waiting for the show at the peak.

You reconnect with nature, and take a deep breath of oxygen.

Focus on the main surf spots in Costa Rica:

Santa Teresa 

Long beaches over several kilometres offering about twenty surf spots. Beach breaks for all levels. If the waves are too nasty in Santa Teresa itself, you can drive 10 minutes to playa hermosa where the current is not as strong and the waves are a little less powerful. Playa hermosa is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of the coast. Wilder and less crowded, I had the opportunity to have sessions alone in the water early with perfect waves in the morning or between noon and two. 

Apart from surfing, Santa Teresa offers some great activities such as the Montezuma waterfalls, the natural pools that are created along the coast at low tide, the various restaurants, surf shops and shops in the centre, and of course the party! For those who like to party, you won't be disappointed. From the La Roja Amarilla nightclub to the 'Jungles Parties' held high up in the mountains in the middle of nature, there is plenty to do.

The surfcamp is located 20 meters from the beach and the natural pools. The vibes are very cool: surf chill, feet in the water. You'll meet some great people! 


 I stayed less time in this area because I only had one week left in Costa Rica before my flight to France, but it was enough for me to conclude that this place on the Pacific coast is really worth doing! 

I was able to surfing on the spot of Playa Grande which is the main nesting site for giant tortoises and is part of the National Marine Park which you can visit, where I saw the baby tortoises being born. I also enjoyed surfing the long stretch of Langosta just outside Tamarindo (15 minutes walk) which is also known for sunset horse rides.

I heard that there are crocodiles in the surrounding rivers but I didn't come across any. 

I recommend leaving at least 15 bears to be able to do Tamarindo and about + Santa Teresa, in order to make the most of your surfing trip in Costa Rica ????



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