Do you know the Banyaks?

04 April 2022 | Asia


Hi to all you adventure-seeking surfers!
The Banyaks, I don't know if you know, is an archipelago bordering the Mentawai which has the great advantage of being much less frequented that Mentawai is the highlight of our trip, we'd say that for 3/4 boats and one surf camp, you can find 30 boats and more than 10 surf camps in Mentawai, which means you can sometimes, and not so rarely, surf alone, which is totally impossible in Mentawai.
The boat is based in Sibolga, a 1 hour flight from Medan.
The boards are collected the day before departure in Medan as they are taken to the boat by road.
At the wave level, in the Banyaks, we have a dozen waves allowing all levels of surfing We have relatively soft waves that are quite accessible for average surfers (it's still a reef, so you need to know how to take off and follow the wave) like Turtle and Pulau Babi, world-class spots like Treasure, Cobra and Bay of Plenty (3 waves left and right on the same spot) and a few secret spots that our surf guide Pierre, who built the boat and has been in the Banyaks for 7 years, knows like the back of his hand.

Boat price : 2700 USD$/pers ( from 2023) , 2600 for 2022 + 300 dollar/pers for Medan/Sibolga package ( hotel+ taxi+ flight Medan/ Sibolga+ management of boards to and from ). The package is optional.
The price includes the photo package, a t-shirt or cap, ALL INCLUSIVE BEERS.
The boat has 5 double rooms and one 4-bedroom, for a total capacity of 14 people plus the crew, excluding the surf guide, who stay separately.
The surf guide Pierre, who created the boat and knows the Banyaks like the back of his hand, gets a cabin for himself.
Hence the possibility of increasing to 12 .
The boat is considered to be full when 10 people are on board, but this can be increased to 12 without any problem, provided that one cabin is occupied by 4 people.
All cabins are air-conditioned, as is the common area..
The food ranges from French-influenced to Indonesian, burger and pizza!
For the flights, it is necessary to arrive the day before the departure in Medan, that is to say if a trip is done from 10/07 to 21/07 for example, it is necessary to arrive on 09/07 in Medan in the evening ideally, the boards will be collected at your arrival in Medan and forwarded to Sibolga via the road and to leave on 22/07 of Medan ideally the morning.
360 Travel can take care of international flight bookings (including connecting insurance and board baggage).
All information about the boat and the available dates on the Surf Boat Trip to Banayks Islands

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