5 Good Reasons to Come to Portugal

17 September 2015 | Europe

More and more of you are coming to Portugal on surftrips and we understand why! Whether it's for the beauty of the landscapes, for its gastronomy or for its numerous surf spots, there's always a reason to go to this country. Today, we give you the 5 good reasons to come and surf in Portugal. Visiting Portugal is synonymous with sunshine most of the year, varied gastronomy, friendly and welcoming locals, rich culture, numerous spots for all levels and breathtaking landscapes. Come and join us...

A surfing destination with excellent access

Served by 22 cities in France by several low-cost airlines (Ryanair, Easy-Jet...) or national airlines (Air France...) at very "cheap" prices, you can't miss Portugal. "It's a trip not far from home at unbeatable prices.


A surfing destination par excellence

Without going so far as to imitate Garet MacNamara and surf the biggest wave in the world at Praia Do Norte Nazaré, you will find very good spots all along the Portuguese coast. From Espinho in the north to Sagres in the south and the legendary spot of Peniche, considered the capital of European surfing, there is something for everyone, all year round. If you've never surfed in your life, now is the time to start!

However, if surfing doesn't appeal to you, you can always sunbathe on the many beaches along the coast, take a boat trip to see dolphins and whales or discover the splendid underwater world.


A surfing destination renowned for its gastronomy

"In Portugal you eat often, you eat a lot and you can eat well for cheap. Portuguese gastronomy is very rich and generally quite cheap compared to France. Thanks to its geographical location, Portugal offers a high quality of fish and seafood. You can't miss the famous bacalhau (cod) or the grilled fish. Enter the typical "marisqueira", sit down and enjoy. For meat lovers you will also find good meat dishes in Portugal such as bife à portuguesa, carne de porco à alentejana... Also known for its wine, stop in the Minho and Douro region for a Vinho Verde.

A surfing destination known for its landscapes

Put aside your surfboard for a moment and explore the many breathtaking landscapes. From the lookouts of Lisbon to the horizons of the Portuguese coast and the many parks, there is plenty to do in Portugal. You can admire Portugal from the top of its cliffs, its castles or its mountains. Portugal is a wonderful country to discover. And if you are lost at a street corner, don't hesitate to ask the locals for help. Available, simple and warm, they will be there to answer you!


A little culture in this surfing destination

In between surfing sessions you can always discover the cultural richness of this country. With eight centuries of history and 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there is plenty to discover in Portugal with its castles, palaces, monasteries and cathedrals. You can also end your day with some local music or one of the many festivals in the country.

In short, a surf trip in Portugal is surfing all year round for all levels, it's a good atmosphere at the line-up as well as in town, varied and wonderful landscapes, grilled fish accompanied by a good little wine, a cheap trip for memorable souvenirs. So we say YES to Portugal! You join us for a surf camp in Portugal ?

For all your all-inclusive surfing holidays it's 360°Surf.



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