[R E N C O N T R E] The new Hippies trip-surf & culture in Hawaii

26 July 2016 | North America

We caught up with Cassandre and Nico after their 4 month surftrip in Hawaii. They took the time to explain to us their way of life, their vision of surfing and the community.

360° Surf: What is a modern hippie couple in 2016?

We define ourselves as a couple who like to live simply, we have a simple motto, work less to surf more!

We have chosen to live on the fringes of society, since we don't have a house, at least our house has four wheels! Living in our truck means freedom, adventure and this is what we like to find in our travels, freedom being our key word.

How did you organise your surf trip and why Hawaii?

We've heard of woofing. The principle is simple, you work on a farm (often "organic") and in exchange the farmers give you food and lodging. No money in the system, human relations are healthy, it's just an exchange of services in which everyone wins. Then we chose the archipelago of Hawaii because we are dreamers surfers, and our choice was Big Island, we wanted a wild and authentic island far from the crowded spots and the crazy life of Oahu.

What was the coastline like?

It is generally black volcanic rock, so it is not always easy to get into the water! There are also some heavenly white sand beaches or black sand beaches, but the jewel of the island is for sure the green sand beach, there are only two in the world, one of them in Hawaii, it's totally crazy!

Is it possible to be a girl and/or start surfing there?

We were amazed at the number of girls charging! Once in the water we understood, the waves are gentle, the swell is not direct like in the Landes. They are reef waves, but the reef is not aggressive as it can be elsewhere. The waves are nice, they open up, you have time to do your take-off, it's really nice and there are spots for all levels!

And the atmosphere in the water?

Absolutely excellent, I recommend a little stay in Kona for all the nervous Landais (laughs)! Everyone greets you, says hello, you discuss everything and anything at the peak, everyone gives you advice and above all, the must, they congratulate you when you catch a good wave. You have all ages in the water, but I must admit, I made a lot of friends "grandpa longboard" as I like to call them!

Can you share with us your good plans, good addresses?

The whole island is a good plan, it only remains for you, dreamy surfer who reads me, to discover them :)

Are you dreaming about it too? Your surf trip to Hawaii is now!



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