The big interview from the surf camp Spain

04 June 2015 | Europe

Every week we say hello to our 360° Surf providers. Today, it's Carlos' turn, surf camp in Spain, to give us some news ! He tells us about his surf spot, his surf camp but also about his good plans and his best memories in the water...


Surf School Spain 2015

360° Surf : Hi Carlos, can you introduce yourself in 2 words ?

Carlos: I am Carlos, the director and founder of the surf camp.


The surf camp in Somo

Can you tell us about surfing at home?

Surfing in Somo is an institution, there are boards in every house, every generation of surfers and the days are punctuated by the swell conditions...


Day off... at the surf camp

When is the best time to go?

For the intermediate skiers, spring and autumn are very good periods, for the beginners, summer is the best time to discover the first sensations of sliding in a festive atmosphere!


Preparing for a surf trip on the Spanish coast

Can you give us a spotlight for beginners, intermediates and experts?

We are lucky to have a spot that brings together, depending on the conditions, small waves, but also big swells depending on where you are. It's also a spot that holds its size!


Surfing courses Santander

Describe your accommodation on Somo?

You have everything you need in the same building. The surf school, the beach within walking distance, good food and big parties with all nationalities!

Do Somo's spots have any special characteristics? What are its dangers?

There is no particular danger, you must know your limits and respect others.
Somo is the most popular beach and it is here that the first surf companies, surf schools and surf camps were established.

Tell us about the atmosphere in the line-up?

The atmosphere is international! There is something for everyone in our Spanish surf camp... enjoy and a lot of fun!

surfing spain

Surfing in Spain... it's easy :)!

What is your best story about this spot?

This is the spot where I grew up and where I gave my first surf lessons. I have a particular affection for the friendly and family spirit that emanates from it.

What are your good plans? Spots, what to see, what to do, where to eat? In short, life there?
We go to Santander once a week, we have a small boat where we organise parties too...

What advice would you give to a globetrotter?

Come and enjoy the atmosphere created by surfers for surfers...

In a few words, why come to you?

Because it's the best! We love our job and we'll do our best to make sure you have a good time.



Big winter dep 2014 in Santander



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