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25 May 2015 | Good plans

360° Surf is pleased to announce a new partnership. After several months of work we finally see our new project come to life.

We decided to develop a unique offer in France by approaching a mental trainer. Noé agreed to join the project in order to develop a service that had previously been reserved for high-level athletes.

We therefore offer you surf-specific mental coaching in all our surf trips from now on.

"Make your surftrip a real performance!"

Go on a surftrip, a guarantee of well-being!


When we go on a surftrip, we go surfing of course, with family or friends to relax. But we also go to progress in surfing for some or to find natural places to relax. Yes, surf spots are lucky, they are usually in unique places, in exceptional natural settings. Going on a surftrip means getting in touch with nature, with the environment that surrounds us and developing a sense of respect towards it. It is to open your mind, to live in a different way than the one we have in our daily life, it is a change of pace!

Mental coaching is therefore especially effective in a supportive environment such as the natural environment. We call this "coaching in the natural environment".

What is it about?


The concept is simple! We offer you the opportunity to benefit from an accompaniment by carrying it out in the middle of nature instead of staying within four walls.

Nature allows easier access to inner well-being. Generally speaking, we are more present in our mind, our concentration and our body. Moreover, recent studies show that people's general well-being can be improved when they come into contact with nature. There is a psychological current, born in 1990, which partly takes up this principle, eco-psychology.

Do you have to be a top athlete or have mental difficulties?


That's just not the case! And that's why we decided to launch this project. Mental preparation is a discipline that stems from research in sports psychology. It has performance and scientifically validated tools to improve and optimise mental skills and well-being while developing performance.

It is there for your personal fulfilment by developing your cognitive abilities by promoting autonomy. You don't go to physical training only when you are injured? It's not only top athletes who want to feel good and perform well? The answer is no to both questions, so why not use mental preparation for yourself, your well-being and to support you in your projects! It aims at the well-being of people by developing their concentration, motivation, self-confidence, emotional management ... No need, therefore, to be a top athlete to know yourself better and improve your performance with the aim of inner well-being.

"Being good in your life is a performance in itself" C. Target Mental Coach

So we decided to propose an offer adapted to your needs in order to enrich your surftrip and fully exploit all the benefits it can bring you. The aim is to recharge your batteries for beginners, combining well-being and progress for intermediates with a tailor-made package!
You can also opt for an optimisation pack for advanced athletes, clubs and groups to enhance your training to optimise your performance. Good sports performance depends above all on good technical and physical training. This is essential! Add to this a mental preparation and you will have all the elements to make your surftrip a real performance!

So you still want to go without?



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