5 surftrips to offer yourself in July

02 July 2018 | Where and when to go

Ahhh summer! Sun, beach, coconuts, girls in bikinis, guys with tans (no sexism intended), what more could you ask for? Summer's finally here and the summer holidays are just around the corner! 360° Surf offers you its top surfing destinations to go from dream holiday away from the metro, work, sleep! Attention cabin crew, boarding now!

Surfing holidays in the Canary Islands

A surf camp in the Canaries is the best idea of surfing holiday. Surf the waves from sunrise to sunset, just 4 hours from Paris: Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote offer you a multitude of spots on both the left and right, for beginners and advanced surfers alike. Absolutely recommended for a trip with friends, it's also suitable for families who want to learn together and have a good time. The Canary Islands are a must! We often talk about it, but it's even better when you're there.

From Lanzarote to Tenerife via Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria choose the island that suits you... Surfing holidays from 220 € per week.

Surfing holidays in Spain

Direction Santander, small capital of Spanish surfingl where fiesta is a way of life! The coast is nice, the waves are numerous and regular and the temperature is milder than in France. Perfect for learn to surf and discover the richness of the country!

So don't hesitate to book your next surf trip in Spain. Surf formula from 229 €.

Surfing holidays in Indonesia

Well-known for its culture and the beauty of its landscapes, Indonesia is also a must-see destination for its waves world class from Impossible à Padang Padang via Uluwatu and Keramas. Considered the tropical surf paradiseThere's something for everyone between March and October. Even though it's very busy at this time of year, the regularity of the swells and the offshore wind mean you can have a great time at the line-up. Indonesia also offers plenty of entertainment after your session: bars, discos, surf shops, etc.

Indonesia at your fingertips in one of our numerous surf camps in Indonesia. Formula from 385 €.

Surfing holidays in Portugal

Bem Vindo in Portugal! Are you looking for a welcoming country not far from home? Don't hesitate, a surfing holidays in Portugal will do you a world of good. Whether it's for the beauty of its landscapes, its gastronomy or its numerous surf spotsThere's always a reason to visit Portugal. Visiting Portugal is synonymous with sunshine most of the year, varied food, welcoming and friendly locals, rich culture, diverse spots and for all levels.

From Sagres to Péniche, via Ericeira, our surf camps in Portugal are top-notch. Prices start at €395.

Boat trip to Maldives

OK, so you'll need a well-stocked wallet for that, but what could be better than treating yourself? The Maldives is a dream come true! The archipelago offers you an incredible number of surf spots. Less densely populated than its Indonesian neighbour, the Maldives offers waves of quality and exceptional without great difficulty. Ideal for experienced surfers who like to have fun in big conditions. You'll still need to be careful when choosing an atoll and the direction of the swell, which can quickly affect the quality of the waves.

To stay in a surf camp in the Maldives or to go on a surf cruise vote 360° Surf! Package from €705.

And of course, there's always our surftrips in Brazil, our surftrips in California and our surftrips in France if you want to discover new horizons!



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