Which board to choose for a surf trip?

18 May 2022 | Good plans

If you wish to make a surf tripIt is essential that you choose your surfboard. Indeed, it should be perfectly adapted to your expectations but also to your level of glide. So check out our tips for finding the right surfboard for you and all your desires. 


Choosing the right board is crucial! Often beginners are in a hurry to shorten their boards and lower the volume, and this is often a mistake. A lot of time is wasted trying to surf a board with little or no fit.

Different selection criteria should be taken into account when choosing your board for your surf trip. First of all, you will have to take into account your level of gliding because, if you are a beginner, the higher volume are ideal. Surfboards from average volume will be more suitable for intermediate surfers. But the most important factor will be the size and weight of your surfboard. Boards with more volume will indeed be more stable and offer you a much easier paddle. While boards with less volume will be more agile and easier to control in the faster turns. Finally, you should consider the shape of your board according to your level and expectations. 

Which board to choose for a surf trip?

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