Unusual: our favorite intern Émilie shares her surfing adventures in... Normandy!

23 September 2019 | Europe


Surfing in Normandy?

Well yes ! Well ok, not often, but when the swell rises, it produces small waves very pleasant to surf, especially in longboard.

It's my buddy Vincent who keeps telling me about surfing in Normandy. Honestly, I wasn't telling him, but I didn't really believe it.

So be careful, this spot doesn't work often in summer, that makes the session even more exceptional!

Until one day he called me, panting: "What are you doing tomorrow? There's a big swell coming in and there should be quite a few waves in Pourville!"

Banco! Let's go ! After 4 hours of road we arrive in Normandy, and unfortunately no way to check the spot because it is already dark.

Our buddy being adept of morning surfing sessions, we meet at 8 am on the spot. The locals do not believe their eyes, there are waves! Well, not gigantic of course, but we approach the meter on the big series.

A nice session follows where, as we say familiarly, "we get drunk".

On the other hand, our buddy Vincent opened his eyebrow, by taking his longboard, but how he did it, it remains a mystery...

To find surfing holidays with waves all year round, ask Émilie : request for information



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