5 surftrips to treat yourself to in January

04 January 2018 | Where and when to go

The end of year celebrations have just ended and you have made the good resolution to offer yourself surftrips this year. What good news! But you still don't know where to go? According to your budget? The number of weeks? Your level of surfing ? Don't worry, 360° Surf presents you its selection of surftrips for January.

Surftrip in Costa Rica

The country of Pura Vida is without a doubt a surfing destination par excellence. Its Pacific coast is famous for its south and west swells and has made the reputation of this Central American country grow. Between the secret spots and the spots known to all by the movie Endless Summer you will have only the embarrassment of the choice. Whether you are a weekend surfer or a hardcore rider, come and have fun on the Pacific beach breaks. Costa Rica is a must for all travelers who want to learn to surf in the best possible conditions. The landscapes, the population, the climate, the waves... Everything is gathered in Costa Rica to make it the Paradise on Earth!

Go to one of our surf camps in Costa Rica from 355 €.

Surftrip in Panama

In Playa Veano you live surfing. This city is in total contrast with the capital, which looks like Miami beach with its large buildings on the beach, its five-star hotels and its nightclubs. Playa Veano will be your surfing paradise! Perfect for all surfers who want to cut off their phone and enjoy the beach, the sun and the ocean.

Go to one of our surf camps in Panama from 540 €.

Surftrip in Guadeloupe

Located more than 7,000 km from the air, in the heart of the Caribbean, Guadeloupe will delight surfers wishing to travel with their families. With its tropical climate, its water between 27 °C and 31 °C all year round and its numerous spots, Guadeloupe is simply paradise on earth. And between two surfing lessons you can discover the beauty of the island with scuba diving, canyoning, stand up paddle, hiking and other excursions.

Go to one of our surf camps in Guadeloupe from 460 €.

Surftrip in Dominican Republic

Located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, the small fishing village of Cabarete is a surfer's paradise. Normal! With its 4 km of beach lined with coconut trees, its strong winds and its regular waves all year round, you can find one of the best surfing spots in the world. And if you want to try another sport: let yourself be tempted by kitesurfing... You can be sure that the sensations will be there!

Atmosphere guaranteed!

Go to one of our surf camps in Dominican Republic from 549 €.

Surftrip in South Africa

South Africa is without a doubt a great surfing nation, a beautiful country that has a lot to offer: great waves, great culture and a wild life. Don't get me wrong, South Africa is a great place for experts and novices alike. From the cold beaches of Cape Town to the warm waters of Durban. J-bay will provide you with the right balance in an extraordinary climate. However, if you want to go surfing in South Africa, you don't need to be cold. With an average of 20°C on land and 17°C in the water, a 3/2 wetsuit is a must.

And if you like rugby, this is a great opportunity to see the Springboks.

Go to one of our surf camps in South Africa from 500 €.

So, are you in? Shall we book a little surf camp to spend the winter in the warmth?



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