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10 December 2014 | Central America

Head to Costa Rica for a surf trip to the sound of Pura Vida. Costa Rica is a great playground for all types of surfers. Whether you're a casual surfer or a hardcore rider, come and have a blast on the Pacific beach breaks. Costa Rica is a must for all travellers who want to learn to surf in the best possible conditions. The landscapes, the population, the climate, the waves... Everything is gathered in Costa Rica to make it the Paradise on Earth!


The country of Pura Vida is without doubt a surfing destination par excellence. Its Pacific coastline, renowned for its south and west swells, has made the reputation of this Central American country grow. Between the secret spots and the spots known to all by the film Endless Summer you will be spoilt for choice. 360° Surf agency gives you some tips to choose your spots.


Tamarin is an essential stop for a successful surf trip. Its numerous surf spots are no longer to be found: Playa Grande, Playa Langosta and Witches Rock, the famous spot discovered in Endless Summer. At Playa Tamarindo you can choose between a right-left peak that works best at high tide and a right-hand peak that works best at low tide. South of Tamarindo, Playa Langosta, will offer you more powerful waves to tube a bit.

Next to Jaco is the most consistent spot in Costa Rica: Playa Hermosa. This 7 km long beach break changes according to the tides and the size of the swell. It is quite rare to find yourself without waves. Hollow and tubular at low tide, the waves become rounder at high tide. For a less crowded session at the peak you can head further south. If the swell is too big on Playa Hermosa you can always go to Jaco, a perfect fallback spot to learn to surf.

Home of our ambassador, Noé, Santa Tereza is located on the Nicoya peninsula. Santa Tereza is mainly known for its long straight line which allows you to surf all year round without worrying about the conditions. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find what you are looking for in Santa Tereza's spots. It's like Indonesia, it never stops, every morning the water is clean and there's always a good meter. It's crazy!

I remember Alex, a surfer from Brittany who stayed at Meli Melo, one morning we were talking with Fred and Alex and he said: "It's incredible, I've been surfing for twenty years, I've never seen anything like this, every day it's consistent, there's a lot of size, the water is clean and there are five or ten of us maximum in the water, I'll be back at Christmas.

Offering perfect right and left hand waves, Playa Dominical has several powerful peaks when there is no wind. Very nice for the fans of tubes, powerful and hollow waves and rays.

For a great surfing trip, don't miss Pavones and its surprising lefts that run all over the bay with different sections more or less hollow.

Currently in Costa Rica, the young surfing prodigy, Kyllian Guerin, gives us his opinion and advice on the country of Pura Vida.


"Costa Rica is a great country where you can really surf all year round in warm water. On the Pacific coast, I surf a lot the beach breaks of Santa Teresa. It's a great spot to work on manoeuvres and carving. There are waves every day. Then I love the Esterillo spot after Jaco. Nobody in the water and good tubular waves. Then down to Pavones, the perfect left by south swell but with people in the water as soon as it works. But what a left! On the other side, on the Atlantic, it is the spot of Salsa Brava. One of my favorite reef point. It's a powerful and dangerous wave but really great to surf.

Life in Costa Rica is great! It's my adopted country. The people are very nice here, the climate is perfect and there are waves everywhere and for all levels. And if you don't arrive in a group and respect the locals, the atmosphere in the water is very relaxed. You really have to go there and you will quickly understand what Pura Vida is all about."

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