Where to surf in Spain?

21 June 2018 | Europe

When you think of Spain or surfing in Spain, a lot of things come to mind. For most people, Spain is more about the wild fiestas of Barcelona, the bullfights, the Real de Madrid than a good surftrip on the Atlantic coast. Well, Spain is the perfect place to learn or improve your surfing skills this summer.

The North to South spotlight tour

Surfing in the Spanish Basque Country

In this mythical region between France and Spain, only a few hours from the French border, you can find beautiful landscapes with great beachbreak and reefbreak... A great playground! The beginner surfer can go surfing in Zarautz while the experienced surfer can take on the mythical left-hand side of Mundaka, known for its particularly hollow, long and constant waves. Perhaps the best wave of your life!

Surfing in Cantabria

Pass Bilbao, you are in Cantabria! Beautiful region considered as the cradle of surfing in Spain. With its valleys, steep cliffs and mountains, Cantabria has an air of northern France made in Spain! Here you can surf in summer as well as in winter without any problem and the atmosphere outside the water is very festive. For beginners or those who want to improve their skills in good conditions! In Santander you can surf Somo Beach and its beachbreak or Liencres, located in a nature reserve. For the more experienced surfers El Brusco, its hollow and fast waves will be perfect for you!

Surfing in Asturias

Despite the sometimes capricious weather, Asturias is a region with beautiful surf spots and incredible landscapes! Considered as the best wave in Asturias, Rodiles is a world class left hander that is largely comparable to Mundaka. Located at the mouth of a river, Rodiles beach is an ideal surfing destination for experienced surfers. Beginner surfers will rather go for the take-off at Las Salinas and its constant waves or Xago.

Surfing in Galicia

Welcome to Galicia, a region located at the western tip of Spain, north of Portugal. With its jagged, chiselled coastline, its green, almost wild landscapes, Galicia is a real paradise for surfers. If you like Brittany, you will feel at home in Galicia. The Celtic culture is very present, the landscapes are similar and so is the climate (with a few degrees more). The experienced surfer will go to Doninos. A quality spot with waves that take all the swells first. The strong current will allow you to catch some nice tubes at low tide. Surely one of the most famous spots in Spain, Pantin, is not there to make a show. Superbly exposed with a splendid beach-break and which holds well the size! Everything is there to have a good time! Ideal for all surfers.

Surfing in Andalusia

More famous for flamenco and bullfighting, Andalusia also has an Atlantic coastline and some great surfing spots. Located between the Portuguese border and the Strait of Gibraltar, surfing in Andalusia is bound to be a novelty and an unforgettable experience. Often clean, and sometimes crowded with tourists from Gibraltar, but often very calm, El Palmar is perfect if you like hollow, fast and powerful waves. Ideal for all surfers especially from September to June, Cadiz is an accessible beach despite waves not as frequent and constant as those in the north of the country. You should check the conditions before you go to Andalusia.

Irresistible landscapes, complemented by an exceptional climate, a richly flavoured gastronomy and a magnificent historical and cultural heritage. There are many reasons to come and surf in Spain. We can only advise you to come and see for yourself.



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