How to choose a surf camp ?

08 July 2017 | Inside

How to choose a surf camp ? This is a question we all ask ourselves when looking for a place to go surfing! Do I have the level ? Will there be waves ? Will the weather be nice ? Do I want to party or do I want to relax ? ... A lot of elements that we have to take into account before deciding on a surf camp. But don't panic! 360° Surf, expert in surf trip creation will help you to organize your surf trip young Palawan , " Today we try to find the best surf camp.... just for you !


To organize your surf trip, you first need to know if you are looking for a beginner surf trip, an intermediate surf trip or a pro surf trip ! There are maybe as many surf camp styles as there are surfers...

First point, who are you surfing with?

With your girlfriend, with your friends, with your family, with grandma who tells you to put on sun cream before going surfing? All this is to be taken into account in your choice of surf camp.

There are 3 main types of accommodation:

1 -> The surf camp, the real one, in "hostel" mode - Understanding shared room of 4, 6 or even 8 people of all ages and nationalities... Also understand that the watchword is not really tranquility but more exchanges and fiesta.

2 -> The surf camp in a private room ... Here you stay at the surf camp, you share the life with everyone but you sleep alone. It's a hybrid when you don't want to be alone in the hotel but not cut off from the surf camp life either.

3 -> The appart-hotel, as its name indicates, is an apartment for 2 to 5 people, with all the advantages and autonomy that an apartment can offer (kitchen, living room, bedroom...) all in a hotel complex. The accommodation formula is coupled with the surfing lessons of the surf camp. It is the ideal formula for families who do not want to break the piggy bank, also very profitable if for example only 3 people out of 5 take surfing lessons...

Now let's talk about surfing !

Some precautions should be taken before you go surfing anywhere. We try to know the rhythm and the organization of the surfing lessons, how much time in the water, how many people per lesson, if the equipment is only available for the lessons or if you can use it outside the lessons (for the little sunset session with the new friends of the surf camp for example)

When we start surfing, we look at the "Quiver" of the surf camp, quality and quantity of boards, choice of sizes, pu, epoxy, foam...

Finally, for your peace of mind, we recommend that you take out a multi-sport insurance policy! It is not very expensive (about 8 % of the total price of the stay) and it can be very useful...

For more information and for further assistance with your surf camp projects and ideas, the entire 360° Surf team is at your disposal and will be happy to organize your all-inclusive surf camp!



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