Why are surfing and yoga complementary?

17 July 2018 | Inside

You've been surfing for a while now and you're wondering what is this strange and massive craze that has arrived in France like a big barrel for yoga? Why are more and more surfers practicing this discipline? What can it bring ?

Yoga is an art of living that strengthens both the body and the mind. It is about listening to your body, to nature, to the world around you. Being fully present in the moment and being fully aware of what is happening around us without ever losing your composure. The philosophy of surfing is similar to this: to be one with the wave.

Yoga allows you to improve your surfing in several ways

Thanks to the asanas (or postures) which allow you to sheath your body, to soften you, to work your balance, to stretch your muscles, and thus to be more agile on board, lighter also and to limit the risk of injuries.

Thanks to pranayama (or breathing) which helps the body to reconnect to its battery. By mastering your breathing you learn to release your energy, control your mind and radiate strength and vitality. Useful in itself, it also allows you to stay calm when you are pushed by a big wave and you have to stay underwater for a few minutes!

Thanks to meditation (dhyana) which allows you to empty your mind, to clear your mind, to improve your concentration, to be really in the present moment and therefore more alert in the water and to remain positive in all circumstances (even when there are no waves!).

Thanks to the relaxation (and the best of all the postures savasana!!) which allows the body to relax, to release, to integrate all the benefits of the postures practiced during the session and to avoid the aches. So yes, lie down on the sand for 5 minutes after your session, close your eyes, breathe slowly and let your body rest and you will see all the benefits it brings you.

Finally, thanks to the yogic diet! Food provides the body with the essence it needs. Carefully choosing foods that are pure, natural, unprocessed, easily digested, and health-promoting helps to calm the mind. Yogis are also concerned with the subtle effects that food can have on the mind and favor foods that make the mind calm and the intellect sharp over foods that cause over-stimulation. Basically, eat healthy for maximum energy! A healthy body for a healthy mind. And we can't repeat it enough: eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day!

Today, many surftrips offer a surf & yoga combo!

Namaste surfers




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