Choosing the right gear for your surftrip... An essential question

11 October 2018 | Inside

It's often very difficult to choose the right surf equipment when you want to go on a surftrip. You have to ask yourself a lot of questions: Will the conditions be adapted to my board? Which quiver should I take with me? Boardshort or full wetsuit? Will my gear not end up in pieces because of the airline (and yes, this has probably already happened to you)? Do I really need all this stuff with me? All these questions can make your surfing trip the best or the worst surftrip of your life! So that you have the best surftrip possible (that's what we're here for anyway), follow the few tips we can give you today to choose your surfing equipment...

Be well informed before choosing your destination

Take a good look at the surf conditions of your destination. You won't choose the same board if you're going to surf in the cool of Costa Rica or on the big reefbreak of the Maldives.

If you're a beginner surfer, don't bother bringing your own gear... What's great about going to a surf camp is that you can test several boards! It will really help you to see what suits you best! But bring your own wetsuit if you have one... It's always cleaner (especially if you pee in it).

This is probably the worst fear of all surfers who travel with their own surf equipmentThe most common problem is to find your board broken in two at the airport exit! So to avoid this inconvenience as much as possible and to be obliged to look for hours for a cheap shaper to repair all that: invest in a good strong boardbag! And for more security, reinforce the nose and tail with bubble wrap and tape for better protection. Don't forget to add your wetsuit and your poncho : one, it will protect your board even more and two, it will lighten your luggage in the hold.

In summary: take the essentials

In short, the key word is TRAVEL LIGHT! So take the essentials: wetsuit, sun cream, wax and poncho. If you are a big rider take your board but check the prices of the airlines, with the democratization of surfing in the world many airlines make good promotions for boardbag. If you are a beginner or intermediate surfer you will always find a good board to rent for a day or a week at a good price in your chosen destination.



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