Surf-Trip is a serious business ????

31 January 2022 | Good plans

A heart-warming recognition!

For almost 10 years we have been trying to test and validate the best surfing trips around the world.

Today, we have just received our certification  Mention of excellence to "guaranteed notice company"This is an independent company that certifies the transparency and accuracy of customer feedback.

Thank you all, it is above all thanks to your desire to travel the world that we are more and more motivated to find you the rare pearl, the one that will engrave forever the best surfing moments of your lives ????♂️




Good news that doesn't come alone! 

We also consolidate our commitment as a travel professional with the acceptance of our agency within the EDV, the main association of travel companies whose aim is to protect travellers as well as possible and which is a reference in terms of seriousness, another pledge of confidence that we are particularly proud to offer you.


A new website!

We have also been working on a 360 Travel kitesurfing branch for several years.

This has now been achieved with the birth of

We hope you will enjoy it and take the opportunity to give yourself an introduction to this complementary practice to surfing. ( And a new excuse to discover new countries ???? )

360 kite travel


A promising 2022, but...

Yes, today we are (finally) seeing some light on the plans for our stays, but that doesn't mean we can do anything!

The entire 360 team is involved and will remain on deck to be vigilant about the quality of the services offered.

The desire that drives us has remained intact throughout this health crisis, we still want to offer you the best surfing holidays available ????♂️

For all your surfing projects contact our team of travel consultants  ! ????






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