Surfing holidays in the Canary Islands, a winter surftrip not to be missed

17 January 2020 | Europe

It's ok, you've seen on the 1001 blogs on the net that the Canaries are the winter surfing destination for all levels... The problem is that in the Canary Islands... There are several islands !

But where to learn to surf ? Where is the best place for an intermediate surfer and his/her spouse who prefers yoga/beer (note that the two are perfectly compatible, there are even articles on beer yoga... yes, really).

So we sent who... We sent Alex! Yes, it's her again, definitely, to go around the islands and tell us where to go in the Canaries...

Here we go:

The Canaries are a Spanish archipelago made of 7 different islands located off the coast of Morocco. Here only 4 islands will interest us for surfing : Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife and Las Palmas and you will see below that they are all very different ! But don't panic, we have a secret to help you choose ;)

What you need to know before you leave :
- The cost of living is very cheap compared to France, as an example a draught beer costs 1.50 €, diesel is 0.97 €/L and you can eat in a typical restaurant for less than 10 € (and still get your fill!)
- Whatever the island, the best thing to do is to rent a car on the spot and get lost on the small inland roads, there are places to discover that are sometimes not accessible by public transport. Moreover, I was surprised by the state of the main roads which offers a very pleasant drive and breathtaking landscapes...

Fuerteventura : the desert island

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As soon as you leave the airport, the landscape is grandiose. The island, which is called the beach of the Canaries (yes, 150 km of beach, just that) is composed of sand dunes, volcanoes and turquoise waters. So we went to the small town of Corralejo where our surf camp is located, there is everything you need in the immediate vicinity: supermarkets, night bars, restaurants 100 % typical (I advise you to visit the Mesón Las Tejas where you will taste the culinary specialties of the island, a delight).

As far as surfing is concerned, the staff on site takes care of everything, you go on a daily surf trip to different spots and after 4 hours of surfing, there is nothing like a good beer on the beach.

Not to be missed: the Isla de los Lobos accessible by zodiac from the port of Corralejo (below the surf house). On the agenda: tour of the island on foot, including climbing the volcano, walking through a lunar landscape and, of course, lazing on a beach with crystal clear water and swimming in the lagoons.

To end the day well, I strongly advise you to take the time to go and lose yourself in the dunes once the night falls. In the middle of the desert, you will have a view of the milky way offering one of the most beautiful sky of the northern hemisphere.

Lanzarote: the volcanic island

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Lanzarote is a 45 minute ferry ride from Fuerteventura and is the wild island par excellence. There you will be away from all the tourist influx especially in Caleta de Famara, a small fishing village where our surf camp is located. Once again, you will find everything nearby: bar, restaurants (you must absolutely go and eat at the Hamburgueseria, there are burgers among others but also fresh and cheap specialities) and especially the beach at 200 m from the apartment... On the other hand the party people will pass their way.

The main spot is nice, in beach break mode with several peaks that unwind, but we will not lie, even if the beach is large, the schools take a lot of space and the spot is much more suitable for learning than for thrill seekers. On the other hand I heard that the winter sessions were composed of big swells which could go up to 3 m, negotiations in progress with the boss to go to see that ;)

On this island it is really important to rent a car because you have to take 2 different buses from the airport to get to the village.
Moreover there are sites not to be missed in the 4 corners of the island, here is a list of what it is absolutely necessary not to miss:

  • The National Park of Timanfaya, otherwise known as the Montañas de Fuego. It is a real mineral museum in activity: volcanic cones, lava seas, geysers: these inhospitable lands offer a breathtaking spectacle where life was frozen 200 years ago. The visit of the park is done by bus.
  • Los Jameos de Agua : to put it simply, it is a natural site shaped by man into a work of art. It is an open-air underground cave resulting from an eruption dating back 3000 years ago.
  • The Cactus Garden, to be seen by curiosity, which includes more than 1000 species
  • Museo Lagomar: the unusual break to sip a Mojito, I won't tell you more!

Gran Canaria: the diverse island

On the program: dune desert, mountain hiking, lazing on the beach, jungle expedition, not forgetting surfing and its spots for all levels and of course a drunken evening in Las Palmas to crown it all! On this island you are spoilt for choice.

There our surf camp is the opposite of mass tourism and will bring the Canarian culture closer to you: the people, the food, the traditions and the atmosphere. We will connect you to the place, making you participate in the local activities and events: tapas tour every Thursday night in the old town, live concerts every Saturday on the corniche that end in a beach party.
All this with a sea view room, what else ?
As a bonus, you will participate in "the surfer's project" and leave your mark on this island by participating in its reforestation and planting a tree.

As for surfing, Gran Canaria offers a wide range of spots suitable for beginners as well as for advanced surfers thanks to the different programs offered: from simple surfing lessons to full day surftrips. The big plus: the island is much less popular for surfing than its neighbours Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Lanzarote, so there are far fewer people in the water.

For more information about our surfing holidays in the Canaries, contact Alex from 360° Surf



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