10 spots to know in Hawaii

30 November 2016 | North America

Right now The Place To Be is undoubtedly Hawaii, well known for its huge swells, fat waves and wipeouts to die for. But when the Pipe can't be tamed then the famous archipelago can offer many great spots for those intrepid riders.

With its 8 main islands, Hawaii is the most popular place to surf whether you are an experienced surfer or not.

A good alternative to Banzai Pipeline, if you're a thrill seeker, can handle the drop and aren't afraid of the shallow reef then Backdoor is for you. On Oahu's North Shore, if you can handle the take off and the surfline, then you can have a blast on the world's most famous spots: Sunset Beach and Haleiwa Beach Park.

Big breakers are also seen in Waimea Bay with the surf spot of Sandy Beach. Also on O'ahu, you can learn or experiment with surfing at Waikiki or White Plains beaches.

The Big Island is mainly for riders who want to learn to surf easy waves. Just south of Nelha, Pine Tree, is considered a wonderful spot with great surf for all levels despite the rocks at low tide.

Maui is probably the windiest island in Hawaii. That's why it also has some of the best kiteboarding in the world. When the wind and swell are right, the results are breathtaking. As the name suggests, Jaws is for kamikazes who like big, fat barrels.

Pipeline is to surfers what Christmas is to children, sunglasses to celebrities and Nutella to the editor! It's time to go to surf camp in Hawaii.



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