Surf in Canary Islands

 shaka-sign-3  Fuerteventura 

 Fuerteventura island belongs to everybody.
Good waves, lot of activities and Nice atmosphere. From 345 euros

surf trip canaries

   shaka-sign-3 Tenerife

Tenerife Island loves parties near Playa de las Americas.
Younger atmosphere, wonderful hiking in Teide. For young ones and partygoers. From 379 euros

surf tenerif

   shaka-sign-3 Lanzarote

Last man on earth atmosphere on this lunar island.
Incredible landscapes, it offers a very good wave in the beachbreak of Famara. For beginners and nature lovers. From 280 euros

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 shaka-sign-3  Fuerteventura 

Option in a nice house near the spot.
For couples and families. From 410 euros

surf fuerteventura

 shaka-sign-3  Surf Boat Canary Islands

Sail between the Lanzarote and Fuerteventura Islands on a catamaran.
For groups and couples. Surf, kite and paddle, and leisure... From 2850€

surf boat trip aux canaries

 shaka-sign-3  Gran Canaria 

Good option, nice discovery, a lot of activities. A nice wave for all levels.
Better in second trip to Canarias from 430 euros

Surf iles canaries

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Life is cheaper in Canary Islands, you can find beers under 2€... Good deal!


It is sunny from January to December in Canary Islands. With an average temperature of 15° during winter and 24° during summer, these islands enjoy microclimates.


Tenerife is part of Canary Islands, part of Spain. An ID is requested for European Union citizens.




The time is the same than in Spain so less than one hour than Paris. When it is 11.00 am in Tenerife, it is midday in Paris.


It is not recommended to dring tap or fountain water. Citizens drink bottle water (some water fountains have dinking water and are called "agua potable"). Power supply is 220v.


The only currency used is euro, credit card payment is common.


Health care system is good in Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Emergency service is modern and efficient in public hospitals. No vaccine or special care needed.

Good value for money, nice conditions and pleasant atmosphere in the surfcamps. Well maintained hotels and appartements.

Dicover the three islands, served by low cost airlines!


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