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Tibau do Sul

By Netalys | 31/03/2021
south coast of sidney

South Sydney

By Netalys | 31/03/2021
surf sumba


By Netalys | 08/04/2021

As one of Indonesia's 13,000 islands, Sumba is far from the Balinese frenzy.

seen on the surfcamp at sunrise


By Netalys | 08/04/2021

Easier to get to than a trip to Mentawaii, the waves are much the same quality. The Simeulues Islands in Sumatra are uncrowded and you can surf without worrying about priorities.

sunset on santa teresa surf spot

Beach surf house

By Netalys | 31/03/2021

The village of Santa Teresa has become world famous for its magical waves.

San Sebastian

By Netalys | 31/03/2021

Located in the heart of the Pagoeta National Park, 10 minutes from the beach in Zarautz and 20 minutes from the centre of San Sebastian, the surf house offers magnificent panoramic views of the Spanish Basque coast.

surfing in the West Indies

Guadeloupe à la carte

By matthieu | 28/01/2022

Discover the island of beautiful waters through the best sports activities, but also the best relaxation spots and the most beautiful spots of this magnificent archipelago!

surfing in saint martin FWI


By Netalys | 31/03/2021

A paradise on earth less than an hour from mainland Guadeloupe, St Martin is full of great spots... provided you are with connoisseurs... The accommodation offer is also rich and varied!

surfing Martinique


By matthieu | 01/02/2022

Go on a surfing holiday in an authentic Creole setting! Ideal destination for couples and families.

surfing in Guadeloupe

Saint-François Bungalow & Surf

By Netalys | 06/05/2021

Saint François is ideally located on the mainland to combine a surfing holiday in Guadeloupe with a multitude of activities.

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