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surf trip canary islands

Canary Islands

A surfing boat trip to the Canaries with a new spot every day... That's what we offer you in our surf cruise Canaries formula ! Embark on a surf cruise to the best spots of the Canary Islands according to the weather conditions and your wishes.

surf cruise Indonesia

Bali - Lombock - Sumba

Sail through the Indonesian archipelago on a beautiful traditional boat. The idea of this magnificent surf cruise is to be able to surf at very low cost, the offers are optimized for solo travel in open mode or in charter of 3 to 6 people max.

surfing bali


Exclusive boat trip in France for 360° Surf! Come aboard and experience the best surfing adventure of your life.


Discovering the Polynesian archipelagos on board a quality boat with all the comforts on board is a luxury in the life of a surfer.

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