All you need to know about surfing in Bali

19 December 2022 | Asia

Bali is a tropical paradise and a top destination for surfers. With its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and perfect waves, it's no wonder so many surfers flock to the Indonesian island year after year. But before you pick up your board and hit the ocean, there are a few things you should know about the surfing in Bali. Without further ado, let's dive in!

When to surf?
The best time to surfing in Bali is from April to October. At this time of year, the weather is generally sunny and temperatures hover around 27°C.
The swell during this period is also fairly strong and consistent. If you are looking for bigger wavesThe months of October to March are ideal as this is when the swells are strongest due to the monsoon winds from the east.Indian Ocean.

Where to surf?
There are a number of numerous surf spots in Bali. Among the most popular are the Uluwatu beach on the Bukit peninsula, Padang Padang beach on the south coast of Bali, the Dreamland beach on the southwest coast, the Kuta beach and the beach of the Impossible. These spots offer both waves suitable for beginners and more advanced breaks that the experienced surfers will appreciate.


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Tips for surfing in Bali:

1) It is important to keep an eye on on the local conditions before you start surfing - especially if you are a beginner or intermediate surfer. Check nearby buoys and tide charts to see what conditions to expect.
2) Pay attention to other people in the water, especially if you are surfing on a spot where there are many other people. surfers. Respect other people's space and don't tax someone else's wave if they are already riding it. surfing !
3) Always use sunscreen when surfing, even if it's cloudy! The sun can still be very strong near the water, so make sure you apply sunscreen every 2/3 hours during your session.
4) Don't forget to hydrate - especially during the long sessions ! Make sure you take plenty of water with you when you surf so that your body stays properly hydrated.
5) Have fun ! This should go without saying, but it bears repeating: have fun surfing! Enjoy the ocean and don't forget that everyone had to start somewhere to learn to surf!

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The surfing in Bali can be a extraordinary experienceIt is worth doing some research before jumping into the waves. Know when and where to go surfing may be the key to having a pleasant session, while remaining safe at all times. With these adviceyou will be ready for a unforgettable adventure, full of waves and beautiful landscapes ! Good surfing !

Are you planning to go surfing in Bali?

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