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12 February 2018 | Where and when to go

We can not go surfing the best spots on the planet without discovering the culinary wealth of the country in which we go. Today 360° Surf offers you a small tour of the best local dishes... 1 spot - 1 dish here we go...

Biarritz - France

France, its baguette, its wine and its Basque cake. If you come to surf on the spots of the Basque Coast you are obliged to stop to taste a tasty Basque cake. With black cherry or with cream, it's up to you.


Santander - Spain

Spain rhymes with tapas and paella! After a good surfing session in Santander, stop to admire the sunset and taste some good tapas accompanied by "una cervesa". For those with a sweet tooth, the typical Spanish dish is paella with seafood, chicken, peppers, rice and peas. You will find all the flavours and colours of Spain.


Peniche - Portugal

In addition to the cod, come and taste the succulent grilled fish in one of the many restaurants of the village of Peniche. Take the car and head towards the spot of Supertubos. The Xakra Beachbar will welcome you on the beach to devour their mythical grilled shrimps accompanied by a small glass of red port.

Imessouane - Morocco

Morocco is not the place to plan a healthy diet. Moroccan gastronomy is to die for with all its mix of flavours and spices. We recommend the chicken tagine, the couscous (if it is home-made) and the grilled fish. For breakfast, stop in the street to eat the msemen (Moroccan pancakes) with honey or cheese (Vache Qui Rit) or the baghrir, said the pancakes with a thousand holes. Served with a mint tea and a fresh fruit juice, it's perfect for before or after a session.


Santa Teresa - Costa Rica

Invigorating and hearty, Costa Rican food is not the best in the world but it is served copiously. The local dish is Gallo Pinto, a dish of rice mixed with black beans, coriander, coconut milk, onion and peppers, all cooked three times. It can be served with boiled meat and an egg. You can accompany it with a beer: Imperial, Pilsen or Bavaria, a fresh fruit juice or a coffee.


Creole cuisine is a tasty marriage between African flavours, India and the know-how of the ancients. Dishes full of crossbreeding which gives a succulent result. Dishes often served copiously so do not think of going surfing after having eaten a good smoked chicken, some accras or a bokit. Watered down of course with a planteur or a punch as only the West Indians know how to do.


Trestle - California

We all know the adoration of Americans for fast food and California is no exception to the rule. So stop in one of the many restaurants and devour a burger, a taco or a buritos. Ok it's fatty but it's really good. Wash it all down with a glass of Chardonnay or a local beer.


Refined by surfers for its healthy side, the poke bowl is indeed a specialty from the Hawaiian archipelago. It consists of cubes of raw fish quickly marinated in a salt-oil base and seasoned with condiments (salt, walnut, seaweed, soy sauce, sesame oil, chilli pepper, etc.). A complete and balanced dish. Accompany it with a good fresh fruit smoothie and it's done.


Arrugam Bay - Sri Lanka

You'll have to like a bit of spicy food if you go surfing in Sri Lanka. For a few rupees you can eat dahl (mashed lentils), ladies fingers (a kind of streaky and gelatinous bean vegetable), Gee Cola (onions, grated coconut, chilli, lemon, salt), papadams (small fried and crunchy patties).

This is accompanied by pieces of beef, fish or chicken. Famous for its tea, you are strongly invited to try a good black tea from Sri Lanka. Not a tea fan? Don't worry, you will find beers in Sri Lanka: Three Coins, Lion Lager, Pilsner and Ginger Beer.

Canggu - Indonesia

If you go to Indonesia for a good big surftrip you will be spoilt for choice in terms of food: Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng... Even if my favorite is the Satay (small skewers of chicken, fish, pork... cooked on the embers and served with a peanut or soy sauce) washed down with a good Bintang with a view on the spot.




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