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Two seasons stand out,

Dry season that corresponds to our winter-spring, 22 °c average, very little rain but not the best season of waves, the "tourism" is in low season.

Humid season, inevitably it rains a little but the waves are at the rendezvous, from summer to autumn, the latter is ideal for the climate (23 °c) The sweetness of the air and the beautiful waves.

Entry formalities

Mandatory Touritique Visa (30days maximum) and valid passport 6 months after return.


We speak Chinese of course! And also several Chinese dialects. You will be included in English in some places... Like the surf camp we're offering you.

Time difference

UTC + 8

Either when it is noon in Paris it is 19:00 in Hainan in winter and 18:00 in the summer


Tap water is to be avoided... Like everywhere in Asia, drink only bottles of mineral water, or if you can not do otherwise boil the water 2 minutes before drinking it.

Electricity is supplied in 220v... But there are several adapters according to the hotels, the places... Take an adapter kit so you don't have any unpleasant surprises.


We trade in Yuan


No vaccination is obligatory, however you are advised to do that of hepatitis A, typhoid and tetanus.

Inform yourself before you leave on the recommendations of last minute.

At an hour's flight from Singapore, go to a beach of fine sand, turquoise water... Still reserved for great fortune, you will have trouble finding information about the island. It is very little recognized (at the moment) internationally although it is on the way to becoming the rising star of China.

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