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In order to organize your surfing stay in South Africa, we provide you with some information necessary to know where and when to go surfing. Our Surfcamp in South Africa are tested, validated and certified by our Ambassadors who participated in the construction of the surf trip in South Africa.


"Four Seasons in one day" is the local saying to express how changing the climate may be. " With an average of 20 °c on land and water between 17 ° and 19 °, the 3/2 minutes are rigorous. Prefer our winter season for your stay, better swells (but more people)

Entry formalities

A passport valid 30 days after the scheduled return date is obligatory for any stay not exceeding 90 days.


The "current" language is English, however, there are 11 official languages including Zulu, Xhosa and Afrikaans

Time difference

On the JWG + 2 It is midday in Cape Town when it is 10am in Paris in summer and 9am in winter.


Electricity is English standards, consider taking a Uk adapter. Tap water should be potable, however, the bottled water should be encapsulated.


Currency is the Rand, attention, the US dollars and the euro are not accepted.


Current vaccines are used, there are doctors and hospitals of good bills, proof of your creditworthiness will be asked before your assumption.

South Africa corresponds to the experts as well as to the novice. From the cold beaches of Cape Town to the warm waters of Durban. J-Bay brings a balance in an extraordinary climate. To note, the Shapper offer boards at prices far more interesting than in Europe.

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